Aggies Basketball vs BC Rained Out! … 451683.php

This is the Aggies fault. BC offered to play Sunday and A&M wouldn’t do it because of “logistics”? They would still have had 6 days before their next game.

Now to your point, yes it is wierd to have a BBall game “rained out”. Unless, of course, it was due to the aftermath of hurricane flooding. Hey, if the Charter service thought it wasn’t safe to fly in Friday night, then I wouldn’t have let my team on the plane either. I also wouldn’t blame the coach to not want to fly in, got to the gym and play a game the same day.

The way the Aggies are playing, they may figure a “no game” is better than a home loss. :smiley:

Finals week logistics, I bet. Has to do with when they schedule finals for the players.

Would they schedule finals on a Sunday? If they have any tests Monday, I guess Sunday would be a study and prep day. They could do that on Saturday since they wouldn’t have a game? BC would probably have the same problem.

There are hundreds of event staff and security workers in place for weeks at these games, and you are going to lose many of them if the game is moved to another day. Finding a suitable number of replacements isn’t always easy. It is especially hard to find event staff workers on a Sunday.