Aggies '22: More problems than they can fix?

Losing a lot of players, their DC is gone, and the recruiting class is talented but green.

I think we get them again next year as well …

But first let’s get that Outback bowl win !

I’m not sold on Jimbo. His leadership put FSU in a bind that will take some time to fix. He can recruit for sure. He’s not earned his pay yet.


He’s no Saban. Probably not even a Pittman. Texas A&M is not getting value there. No one in the SEC should expect to buy a national championship. Even Alabama’s reign will end.

Oh to have the problems of seven or more players leaving for the NFL, having the No. 1 recruiting class and four legit QB candidates.


Fisher/ T A&M pulled in a nice haul BUT… the portal hits everybody.

They are out of gator bowl, they should award wake forrest the win and A&M should be given a loss

Huh? Guess I missed reading they were out. Out for why?

Saying Covid, saw it on espn

From aTm Athletic Director Bjork, “We had over 40 guys out between COVID, season-ending injuries, transfers and opt-outs.”

So not entirely COVID, opt-outs and the portal now starting to have bigger impact on bowl games.

:crazy_face: Yeah, no sheet. Um-huh, their finished.

They should have to forfeit and award the win to WF. Don’t know if true, only 38 schlorship players available I read elsewhere

Still 9 days out, article says Gator Bowl reps and Wake staff are actively searching for an opponent to keep the bowl scheduled.

Not getting a warm fuzzy after last year. Still 10 days until Outback Bowl and sporting events are starting to cancel or delay due to COVID. Fingers crossed…

Wonder what would happen if one of the semi’s had to be cancelled due to covid? That would be a mess. What if say Alabama and Michigan were good to go and the other two teams were in quarantine. Hmmmm.

Covered in another thread, any team that can’t play is a forfeit, other team moves on. If two teams in same semi can’t play, the other semi becomes NC game.

If three teams can’t play, last one standing takes NC without playing a game.

The difference being that opt outs and the portal are not really legit excuses to refuse to play. Being paper thin at a position is something teams have to deal with in both the regular season and the bowl games. Walk-ons and position changes are the expected ways teams deal with those problems.

The question really is whether the Covid absences were bad enough to keep the Aggies from having enough guys to play(and by having enough guys to play I don’t mean starting an OL guy at Safety or anything silly), or whether the absences just meant that the team that could play was going to get its brakes beat off by Wake Forest.

Their AD said they only had 13 scholarship players available on defense and 38 total between optouts, portals and COVID+. That’s a recipe for getting people hurt if you can’t rotate at all.

Last season the protocol was that you had to have 53 scholarship players available, IIRC (and I heard we bent that number to be able to play the LSU game; we may not have actually had 53). Aggies are apparently well under that.

But how many walk-ons were available and at what positions? Again, it’s one thing if you can’t have a theoretical two-deep run out of the tunnel. It’s another to say we don’t want to play because half the guys that are left aren’t any good and we wouldn’t put them in the game unless we were ahead or behind by 50 points.

Teams overplay their starters on defense all the time, Arkansas certainly has done that in the recent past. Yes, you can get guys hurt by playing too many snaps. But is that a legit reason for refusing to play?

The protocol didn’t address walk-ons. You had to have 53 scholarship players. IIRC the rationale for that is that if you threw a bunch of walk-ons in for 60 minutes against the other team’s starters they were going to get injured, not just lose badly.

I smell a couple of rats, like doctored numbers and loser’s limp.

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