Aggie "Insiders" break down game with Arkansas

I actually think they did a good job of breaking down the game and the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. They did a good job on their preparations. Obviously, I disagree with their outcome but they were fair in their analyses. Basically agreeing with the Vegas bettors. They did seem to believe that A&M’s defense is better than they’ve displayed so far.

I think also had an interview with Clint Stoerner this week but since I don’t subscribe I couldn’t read (it popped up on my Google feed).

Okay I will listen to it

That’s sort of the way we feel, except opposite. This is one of the challenges still early in the season. A&M hasn’t played anyone and Texas appears overrated. So, both A&M and the Hogs have looked good at times, but it’s hard to scale the accomplishments. On the Hog side, we know we blanked GA Southern in the second half and poured on 31 straight points against Rice. And of course we blew out the Horns in the first half. We are capable, just haven’t been pressed yet.

I think we will probably see a much more inspired Aggie defense than we’ve seen in their first three games. None of those teams had any chance whatsoever to beat them. We will be extremely motivated too it should be a good game the team that can protect the ball has a good chance of winning.

I’ve been following this board pretty incessantly this season. I haven’t noticed anyone really bringing up the Texas beat down of Rice 58-0. I know all games and times of games are not apples to apples but their performance against Rice might indicate they were not as over rated as we thought. Lots remains to be seen but our two games against Rice seem to be a common data point that we can gather at least a little info from. I’ll hang up and listen. :wink:

I think Rice stinks. However, the Ags have not played a less than 100 team (Sag rankings). Arkansas’ played 2.

Comparative scores don’t mean a darn thing, and wouldn’t if Texas had committed owlicide before we slapped them around. And certainly would tell us nothing about playing the Aggies, who haven’t played Texass or Rice.

While I completely concur, I think thier outing against Rice bears noting. I think it shows MAYBE they aren’t as tremendous of a soft slouch of a team as we thought. That’s all I was trying to say

I agree comparative scores doesn’t mean a lot especially this early. I’m torn between thinking A&M might squeak it out to thinking the Hogs will win by 20 . WPS

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