Aggie hire TCU's Jim Schlossnagle

Surprising to me. I didn’t think he would leave TCU after so many years there.

Surprising. but money is a great lure.

Really not surprised, if you’re a Coach you want to see how you match up to the best. He’s about to find out bc impossible to play in a tougher Division than SEC West.

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Wow. I’m shocked. Thought he would never leave TCU after coaching there for 18 years.

Welcome to the fire. There will be NO OFF WEEKENDS.

I think things probably got stale for Schlossnagle at TCU. He had the great run from about 2009-17 when TCU was in the College World Series or super regionals almost every year, but it has been awhile since TCU was considered one of the elite programs. I say that knowing it was a national seed this year.

TCU was one of the first two teams out of its regional, and that came on the heels of three seasons without being in the national discussion. TCU missed the postseason in 2018, was probably the last at-large team in the tournament when it lost at Arkansas in 2019, and had last season canceled.

I’m sure Texas A&M is going to offer more resources than TCU, and recruiting to the SEC is easier than recruiting to the Big 12 for the elite players. I think Schlossnagle is a really good coach — I’d rank him second in the division right now behind Van Horn, pending what LSU does to replace Mainieri — and if he can recapture some of that magic he had in the last decade, he can make Texas A&M into a really strong program that can challenge Arkansas, LSU and the Mississippi schools.

Apparent back story - TCU was getting tired of his act, there are other factors involved here, it’s not always about just winning. They didn’t fight hard to keep him and are ready to transition to the very capable and well liked assistants.

I’d be kind of surprised if Kirk Saarloos doesn’t get the job.

I understand it’s already done, announcement coming soon but have to do some “window dressing” first to make the process look comprehensive.

His recruiting magic has been Saarloos, Mosiello and yes Vitello. The first two probably aren’t coming with him and the last one is “unavailable”.

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