Aggie football put on one year probation

And Jimbo Fisher gets six-month show cause order. I have no idea what that means. Violations included impermissible contact with a recruit, and exceeding the allowable weekly time limits for athletes. Aggies fined and some other recruiting restrictions put in place. No bowl ban, etc.
Violations apparently included former assistant Jay Graham, who is now at Tennessee. Graham also got six month show cause.

I read something several months ago about a former player accusing Fisher of exceeding practice times and other violations. Ole Jimbo has won 17 while losing 9 coaching the Aggies. Less than average. Makes you wonder if they may use this to get out of that crazy 75 million dollar contract.

Here is the full story.
Texas A&M, Jimbo Fisher handed recruiting penalties by NCAA

Wake me up when they catch Jimbo on an FBI wiretap offering cash to a recruit. Oh wait, that has happened elsewhere already with no apparent consequences. These violations will be forgotten in the next news cycle.

The NCAA enforcement department does not and will never move quickly. Jimbo’s violations began in January 2018. Will Wade’s SAO was not revealed in court documents until March 2019. They’re still working their way through the stack of goodies the FBI handed them. Kansas, NC State and Louisville have gotten their notices. LSU and Arizona haven’t. Yet.

Apparently the show cause order means Jimbo can’t recruit off campus during the fall 2020 contact period. No Friday night helicopter flights to high school games, etc.

That 5000$ fine really hurts. Lol

Poor Aggies are likely scrutinizing their contract with Jimbo in search for a clause to terminate their ridiculous agreement with him. Anything to get out of that costly buyout.

The penalties A&M got. My God! It’s SMU all over again! No wonder people on this Board and the Hill tremble in fear of the mighty NCAA.

One whole year. Prairie View is probably very concerned that the mighty NCAA will come after to them just to show TA&M how bad they really are. Its all about money

These were not major violations. If we did the same thing and got the same penalty you’d be screaming we got hit too hard.

You would think a repeat offender would deserve a little more scrutiny.

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