Aggie Football Coaches Make Massive PR Blunder

Very hard to understand how a Power 5 coaching staff could make this kind of mistake, given the current Title IX environment and all of the sensitivity to issues related to gender these days. :roll: … uspensions

They’re Aggies. What do you expect?

The Aggies did not allow females into the school until 1963, and that was conditional. They didn’t recognize female students into the “Corps” until 1990.

But, they were on the forefront for gay rights in 1976. Not that there is anything wrong with that. :smiley:

I don’t see how they keep their jobs. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.

A&M is trying to act like they’re so upset in order to keep the guys on staff. I think the public outrage will force their firing.

My sentiments as well.

Being totally serious and as objectively as I can be, I honestly don’t believe that this sort of thing would have flown without repercussions in the [color=#4000FF]1970’s[/color]. It is so blatantly misogynistic and sexist. But to think it would fly today? It is truly hard to believe.

Someone HAS to lose their job over this - and quickly. To not do something soon will put the cross-hairs on the head coach. Sumlin certainly knows that, and I expect him to move quickly.

Two week suspension??

Nope . . . head(s) are going to roll for this.