Aggie Fans

I live in The Woodlands TX which an Aggie hot bed considering their close proximity to College Station. Since last summer, everywhere I went, 90% of the people were decked out (head to toe) in Aggie gear. Starting last Saturday night, I haven’t seen hardly anyone wearing Aggie Gear. To say they are pissed is an understatement.


They’re in denial. I lived outside Houston for a year and a half and they are the most delusional fan base I’ve ever met.


Always have been. Delusions of being a perennial national power.


We hurt them bad. I’m on a board with someone who went to school there, and when I saw her Monday night she simply said “Too soon to talk about it” and walked away. I enjoyed that moment immensely!

I have a nephew that got his degree at Texas A&M. He hasn’t answered the phone since we beat the Aggies! He normally calls 4 or 5 times a week. This week not one word!

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You’d think he could grow up and learn it’s a game, secondary to the education he’s getting there. Time to get some priorities in order.

Proud of my trumpet playing Aggie son. We trash texted all game week and even during the game. He answered my call immediately Sunday afteroon. Gave credit to our Hogs and said he had great time in Arlington in spite of the loss. He did say they won the battle of the bands. They probably did.

They always win that one. As they say, they have never lost a halftime. Probably true.


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