Age VS Skill

It’s not the age of a player that matters but the skills they possess. Experience is not predicated solely on longevity but quality…So Why is everyone crying about we have six seniors as a reason for us to be better, when the reality of it is out the six senior we have only two are capable talents and really one is a all conference talent

A senior laden team should bring maturity and discipline along with that experience to the performance of the team.
Not seeing much of that from this team.

You missed the point…It’s doesn’t matter that they are seniors many of them have no track record of producing throughout their career so it’s silly of us really to expect anything more from the Trey Thompsons, the Anton Beards, The Arlando Cooks, and the Dustin Thomas’s of the world…Many of the best players in the country this year are freshmen so that being a senior deal is overrated in today’s game…Experience only matters if it’s quality experience

wonder what Gafford thinks about the coaches ability to design any kind of offense to get the ball to him where he needs it? On the block. Lose proven shooting in the seniors and what will his fortune be after enduring an average sophomore season.

That Sophomore class isn’t average it’s below average and Mike Anderson isn’t the reason Gafford isn’t getting the ball in the block I see time and time again Beard and Macon refusing to pass the ball in the block to Gafford they look him off continually Macon did it betimes today

You expect seniors who have been in the system to play better than this team is currently. Many times our seniors are clueless as a first year player, particularly on defense.