AGAIN ! WHAT is the Sam Hill

WRONG with the Basketball Board??

NOW is that to deep for those unable to read my POSTS???

Forget it now it is working. After going down,then back up??

O’well BB board working.

We had a scheduled maintenance to the board this morning that took the forums offline briefly.

Yea, great job and answer Matt !!

And the baseball page and forum was down or very slow yesterday during the Zags’ game. Not complaining but when it’s your (my) only source of reference here in Tenn., I was about to climb the walls attempting to keep current. Therefore… having no Razorback media access is not good for the soul.fwiw

If that happens in the future, you can always check out my twitter feed: Baumbastic Hawg. I score every game and the app that I use posts the score at the end of every half-inning. I post the lineup pregame and then include each pitching change and any homers.

I don’t post the detail that you get here, but at least you can keep up. BTW, you do not need to have a Twitter account to view my page. You can click on the link and refresh it sporadically to see new tweets.

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