Again, Very Impressed With Recruiting Ability

Of this coaching staff! To put together a class of this caliber given our record this year is truly amazing! And they are going after true needs this year—WR, DL,DB, LB, QB, etc. that are top shelf players. Most of these recruits will play a lot next year and will be upgrades over our current roster.

Only thing we need to improve on now is our OL. But count me in as one who’s really surprised by our recruiting this year. If we can put together another couple of classes this good in successive years, we will likely be on our way to challenging the big boys of the SEC! WPS!

I thought they would have a good recruiting year, but nothing like this.

It is amazing especially with the season we’ve had. Kudos to CCM and the whole staff.

Dudley I hope you have the same or better thoughts next year then.

Get this class signed and get the next class loaded in the cup. Recruiting never stops. Awesome job by our Coaching staff. I’m sure there’s people behind the scenes that deserve credit as well.

Can they close with some O-line talent?

Amazing job by this coaching staff. My hopes is that everything is above board. I believe it is, but you know what happens when somebody gets highly ranked classes that haven’t done it in the past. It raised our eyebrows at Ole Miss, etc., so don’t be surprised if others raise theirs at ours. If it is built the right way, it won’t matter what others think.

If they all stick and add some of these that seem close on like Cunningham and a Nwanna, Catalon etc. This will be a class close to 09 or better.