After we got the ball back

After Auburn missed field goal we should not have sat on lead which is what we did. After the run on first down we should have thrown the ball. Franks was making unbelievable throws. We get a first down we have a lot more options. I know people will disagree because you take a chance and don’t make Auburn use their remaining timeouts BUT we played to lose and did regardless of horrible officiating!


I agree. At least on the 3rd down play, throw the ball.

Yeah, we didn’t even try. Sat on it is being kind. Get a first down it’s over.

Even so we got RIPPED OFF, as it turned out.

YES. Throw the ball! We should have won that game. We hurt ourselves several times, but at least we were still in it until the last seconds. In the near future I feel we’ll win these types of games. This is a tough, never quit group of players and coaches…

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I thought we should have thrown a pass once we didn’t pick up any yardage on the first down play. There was too much time to kill the clock without us getting at least one first down. A punt from deep in our own territory just gives them too short a field to get within FG range.

We should have not shut down the offense.

one first down and the game is over and not left to the officials.

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I agree but we made a horrid decision to not try to get a first down, terrible call not to try I completely agree. But as the game was not over and still in play , then the ref make a equally if more so Horrid decision and call, that cost us ultimately the game.

If our bad decisions can cost us so can theirs, they are a part of the game too. And it did.

I agree, thats exactly how Bobby P. won several games for us. Play to win, particularly when the opposition has 2.5 minutes, 3 time outs and a short field.

Correct, with 2.5 mins left keep doing whats been working to at least 1 first down. but as usual get conservative, 3 n out and punt to give Aubie good field position.

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