after watching

our coach and player interviews at sec media days-sorry to say i was unimpressed. last year it was hammer down. at least there was excitement. this years speech by our coach should have been titled" let’s accept mediocrity". probably realistic but not the message i want fans or players to hear.

for a while at least. the players seemed same way. i saw no chip on your shoulder attitude. i wonder if the attitude we’ve instilled is lets get better but this ship is going to take many years to even float and the players have bought into that rather than lets win some games now. when someone asked him the goal for this year, the goal should have been win every game. no matter how unrealistic that is, that should be the goal every year. that’s not the answer i heard. seems like we are already throwing in the towel against some opponents. we can all name them.

yes i think we will be improved this year, but coming off last year there better be improvement or we’ve hired the wrong coach. can’t be much worse than last year. we had better talent than colorado state or north texas and even ole miss. we got outcoached in all three of those games. someone said there will be improvement and we still might go winless in the sec. i agree with that. looking at schedule we better beat ole miss to have a chance to go to a bowl. we outrank missouri in recruiting rankings every year yet they have owned us, pathetic. mississippi state, we should be head and shoulders above them and ole miss each year but we are not. a and m, pretty soon if they keep recruiting like they are, and there are only signs its only going to get better there, there won’t even be hope, and they have owned us also.

someone posted our game coaching and scheming needs to improve, totally agree. watched saban, and yeah i know he has all the talent in the world, but he said you adapt your scheme to win games. period. seems like you should scheme to win every game even while you are building your program.

i want morris to build a program that we can be proud of, but after watching that today, my faith is teetering that i will see that success (wins) in my old age.

i hope to see VAST IMPROVEMENT across the board. i expect the coaching staff to pull out all stops in trying to win games. i saw players give up last year, i don’t want to see any of that this year. i want to see razorback spirit of old this year. hope i do. rant over.

I liked what I heard more than how it was stated. Coach Morris is much better when talking with his passion for football than in a prepared speech.

Leadership in the locker room will be the difference maker and I like our senior leadership this year better than last year.

I didn’t hear a lot of hype prompted by ego. Seemed to be honestly responding to questions.

SEC media days is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Using that to form opinions on performance next year seems odd to me.

I’m hopeful for big Improvements this year. We need at least. 6 wins. Bad.

He’s just playing it more relaxed…Last yr he came out all up beat and saying things that never came close to happening and it kind of made him look silly.i don’t blame him.

Well, last year’s hammer down excitement ended up in a 2-10 record. I wouldn’t put much stock in how the coach sounded today. And let’s face it, 6-6, by almost any standard a “mediocre” record would thrill us all this year. This isn’t our year. I just want to see noticeable improvement.

Last year CCM got blasted for his Rah Rah Hammer Down speach … and then failing to deliver.

Now he’s getting hit for a more toned-down, straight-forward, matter-of-fact message.

Wondering if he’s gonna have a harder time winning games or our own fans this upcoming season… :roll:

6-6 would not thrill me.

The man is getting after it on the recruiting trail. That"s all that matters to me right now. I don’t care if he is the worst speaker at media days. Nothing said at this gab fest will determine a single game this season.

Perhaps not, but its triple the number of last year’s wins & is probably the best we can expect. I can’t pick more than 6 games we have much chance to win & 2 of the 6 I give us a decent shot at could go either way. Right now, I’d love to get 6 wins

He sounds like a coach that is out of his depth. Very amateurish. He kinda stuttered and really didn’t have an answer to anything. I wasn’t impressed when he got here and I am still not.

And he can dismiss the former player about the comments that were made all he wants. But the facts are they went 2-10 last year and it’s on him. When he was at SMU, the players were not allowed to speak directly to him. It’s a fact. I was told by former SMU player. He’s puling that same hierarchy stuff here. How does Stepp get a 50K pay raise, but Lunney only gets 15K? Maybe Swine Fusion can help with this? I found it amazing that ANY of them got a raise.

Recruiting was good, but they are not doing as well this year and if they look terrible and don’t go to a bowl game, it will not be a good class. I know they are out recruiting, but COACHING is what wins. It was to me embarrassing to have a main talking point to be the new uniforms. Really??? It’s cool for a mention, but if that’s a big topic, then something is VERY wrong.

We missed on Haynes King because CCM had to have his son on the team. King WANTED to come here. Now he’s gonna light us up for the next 3 years. We could’ve had Joe Burrows. But he’s lighting it up at LSU, and it’s not even a throwing offense. He brought a turnover machine in Ben Hicks to us(barely better 2/1 ratio). We have missed on every blue chip RB and QB prospect. Not one RB that was a 4 or 5 star(24/7) even visited us. That’s terrible. He stood up there and bragged about how were getting all these O and D lineman. That’s not true. Kelly Bryant didn’t come here because he wants to play in a system that translates to the NFL.

He’s got this season and 2020 to get it done. If he’s got a 5-19 ish SEC record after that I have a feeling that he will most likely be gone. I know many here will trash that, but the fact is that HY will not want us languishing in the basement of the SEC. He said he could do all these things and puts out all the propaganda, so I hope we have a good season. I really want him to have a good season and show he’s the guy we can have for many years. I am tired of seeing us play like the worst team in the SEC. But it all starts with the head coach.

Well I don’t what you could be smoking not to be excited about 6-6 considering how far we have to go.this team was left in such disarray by CBB on the line of scrimmage that it was embarrassing now we’re having a bring in a brand new unexperienced secondary to be 6 and 6 with all the challenges we have to go through would be extraordinary

At least he didn’t refer to Cowpie as Chateaubriand, which was last season’s overhype.

Now he’s a bit real, knowing what he has and what expectations could be. I think that’ll serve our team much better this season and lead to better coaching decisions.

It should

  1. I agree, the audio of our coach and players was very unimpressive, just not thoughtful or articulate from the players, and coach sounded like he just took 4 benadryl. Is he trying to channel Nick and Belichik? (sp?)

  2. That being said, those players remind me of a boxer who’s an underdog for a big fight, but knows he’s worked his butt off and he’s ready to go. Not a rah rah guy, but a quietly confident guy. I think Agim and Scoota are ready to go and change people’s perception of our program. I like it.

  3. I’m excited about our season. really think we’re going bowling, keep recruiting, and then 2020 starts with ND! Fun times. of course if we win 4 games, I’ll be depressed…again lol


I don’t care what’s said at media days. Morris has improved recruiting significantly. However, to get to 6 wins, we have to be vastly improved in the trenches. This has been pointed out my many posters. I believe that we’ll have a decent dline. However, the oline is still very questionable. Unless the oline is much better than last year, we’re in for another losing season.

Really? You’re telling me we’ve fallen so far that beating a soft NC schedule and two conference teams is enough to be “thrilling”? Sounds like it’s time for the “accepting mediocrity” crowd to get their soapboxes out of the closet and dust them off. I mean sure, it’s better than the last two years. It’s moving in the right direction. But it’s a far cry from thrilling.

A six or seven win season would not be “thrilling” but it would be solid realistic turn around from the past two years . A team of nearly 80 freshmen and sophomores competing against many of top teams in country should not be expected to win 9 games which I guess is what the comments on this thread are suggesting. Comments on Morris are not accurate in my opinion. Yes, he has to win games but he is on the track to improving the likelihood of that happening.

Morris’s or any other coaches recruiting has yet to be determined. However, I do believe I could have won three games last year. But last year was a disaster from every viewpoint.

Just watched CCM’s interview. Certainly not a rah rah spirit … but I think he came across as realistic and serious. We have a very long way to go, and in a few weeks we’ll begin to see just how much progress has been made from Y1.

I do public speaking two-three times per week. (I’m a minister … and have often thought that the job of a football coach and a minister have many similarities.) I never cease to be amazed at how people react to what is said. Sometimes I can’t believe how two people heard the exact same thing … but come away with entirely different reactions / assessments of what was said. Fact is, you’re never going to win with every person … and the coach is never going to win with every fan. No matter how the coach presented himself yesterday, someone would not have liked it.

I’m also puzzled by the comments that CCM looks & sounds “out of his league.” What exactly would he need to do in order to be in the league?

This^^^^^^ :roll: