After watching the tape

As painful as it was, I rewatched each play of the Bama game.

I’m shocked at the number of plays Alabama ran against us (particularly the run) where before the snap you could see an obvious numbers disadvantage from the alignment. I mean some of them were just absolute head scratchers. Any division 1 team with just an ok offensive line would have gained significant yardage or scores on those plays regardless of our personnel.

Is that scheme, poor alignment adjustment/execution of scheme or what? Before the snap it looks like our side was clearly missing the right call or something. I can understand why Petrino and others could expose us if this is what happens before the ball is ever snapped. Something is just not right. It’s like we are trying to play a defense we don’t know how to play.

Look I get that Bama can make anyone look silly and there offensive line played well, but surely we can make some adjustments off of this tape, if an amateur like me can see it.

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I watched something similar.


Didn’t rewatch it, too painful. Rushing yardage was less than 100 yds if you throw out the 3 long ones.
And Milroe’s run should have been called back.

Pass defense very, very poor.

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Oh the misery!

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Oh the humanity! But, yeah. I think a lot of us need to take a step back from the ledge and think about where we were just 2 years ago. Things are trending in a good direction, and this was never gonna be an overnight fix. Go Hogs!


Amen, we have something to build on compared to a couple years when we were at the bottom. Not that this changes anything but look how many good teams are struggling and after this week there will be different teams struggling. It seems each week we see a good team that finds a way to lose a game that they should have won, many teams can’t find their identity or consistency for a complete game and we are one of those teams. WPS

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