After watching that Maryland vs Michigan video, I am super happy we got Enos!

Enos’ offense looked like a more advanced version of the offense we have been trying to run for 3 years. His trick play, the RPO option with the shuffle pass to the inside added as a third option was brilliant, and it worked! That Michigan defense got them to the playoff and Enos’ offense went toe to toe with them, moving the ball well, and scoring. He coached Nick Saban’s QB’s including Tua AND Jalen Hurts. Briles is a top OC, the losing half of the championship game wanted him for their new OC, but as far as fitting Arkansas, running the RPO scheme, AND recruiting QB’s, Sam just upgraded. We may have just barely avoided Walker White going out of state with this hire. I am very satisfied.


The best offensive coach since Petrino.

I am not sure that Petrino’s talent was not way better than the talent Enos had to work with so I am not sure if that is a totally fair judgement. Certainly Allen, Henry, Collins, that O-line etc. that Enos had were very good but Mallett, Davis, and those receivers including Williams at tight end might be more what gives Petrino an edge versus Enos, not necessarily better coaching.

Love assumption that Enos’s presents alone makes us an offensive juggernaut. Don’t know why everyone is so wowed by Maryland’s offensive performance against Michigan. TCU shredded their defense as well and look what happened to them against Georgia. I’ll take a wait and see approach.

Respect your right to do that, but I saw creative playcalling and good execution in that video against a defense that appears to me to be just below Georgia in quality and equal to several top other SEC defenses. That does not guarantee equal success for us but it is evidence that, given good enough material, he COULD do the same for Arkansas. Why don’t you put up your exact preferred alternative to Enos so we can all critique his qualifications and see how they compare to Enos. No imaginary nameless miracle workers, just a current actual OC whose performance we can give the same critique that you are giving Enos.


My take on video was positive for play calling, however it look like their OL had trouble with Michigan’s DL. Blocking was suspect. There in lies the rub for the Hawgs.

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You can have the best playcaller, the best plays and the best skill position people in the world, but if you can’t block, you aren’t going to win. That’s a given. Michigan’s D was better than Maryland’s OL, which helps explain why Michigan was 25-3 over the past two seasons and Maryland (15-11) wasn’t.

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