After Watching Pressers of DVH & Vitello

It’s obvious we are in good hands with coach at the helm. DVH is the real deal & one of the best in the business. I hope he wins a CWS before he retires because he’s just a great coach, probably viewed as a top 10 coach in the country. We are lucky to have him & hope he coaches the Hogs as long as he’s able to.
I wouldn’t trade him for any other college coach that I can think of.
Hope Tony V does well at UT, except when they play us. I expect him to do well there & push Florida, Vandy & the other east schools.

I agree. DVH is perhaps the very best. He deserves to win a CWS, but those things are awfully hard to win. A few teams, like LSU, have built-in advantages we don’t enjoy. It’s a tribute to both Norm & Dave that our baseball program is as good as it is. (Our fans have helped, too.)


He wants to be here too.
He takes care of himself, and I hope to have him another ten years.