After watching Pre conference games

Any predictions on how we will finish overall? What will our sec record be? Will we make ncaa Tournament?

I have no clue.

Looking at the schedule I’ll say we finish with a 20 win 11 loss season and take 2 in the SEC championship.

And win 1 in the NCAA tourney.

That means we will have to go 12 - 8 in the remainder of our games.

We can do it but it’s going to be uphill.

Probably around .500 in conference play and don’t make the NCAA’s. However, I don’t watch much college basketball except for Arkansas and key TV games. Our bench is weak and our frontline is thin, but we have some real nice young talent.

I am interested to see what Coach Anderson does with this team…we could go either way…tournament or bust…I just don’t know.

it’s very difficult to make this prediction with the youngest roster in NCAA D1 this season, but I’ll give it a shot.

Current record: 10 - 3
Projected conference record: 9 - 7
Loss @ Texas Tech
SEC Tourney 1 - 1
Final record: 20 - 12

NIT Tournament 2 seed
NIT Final Four
NIT Champions

Go Hogs!

I think 20 wins and 11 loses would be a success for this team as well…though judging by our play lately wins will be hard to come by for this young team, the first 5 games are brutal: if we lose to Texas A&m, I think we have a solid chance at going 1-4 through the first five with the only chance being against South Carolina on the road, and I hope to attend that game by the way seeing it is the closet one to Virginia this season, but we use to have home court advantage and it doesn’t look that way this year.

Missed free throws cost us big in the non-conference we could have been undefeated otherwise and seeing how though the conference is we needed every win we could get in the non-conference

I’ll guess 9 SEC losses, a loss at Texas Tech, and a loss in the SEC Tourney. I’ll add, the Hogs have a miserable SEC road schedule this season, making 9 SEC wins a real challenge. That yields a total of 14 losses…that’s NIT at best.

I was thinking about this earlier. In my opinion we bookend 3 wins, what I mean by this:

We start and end conference play with three wins (@aTm, Fla, and LSU at home to start, and Ole Piss, @Vandy, and home vs Bama to end)

Right now we are currently 9-3 (not 10-3 as listed above) that gives us six wins, and would put us at 15 wins with 13 games left on the schedule.

Now out of those 13 games, CMA needs one win to continue his no losing seasons streak. If he wins 2-4 of those 13 then I think we head to the NIT (because we are so young the experience and extra games maybe better than one and done in the NCAAT, I know some will disagree). However, if CMA can win five or more of those middle 13 we dance.

11-7 in conference play
Upset win at Texas Tech *+1
Sec Tourney. 2-1
NCAA T 1-1
Season record 23-10.

It a long shot but that’s what I think.
The road will be where the hogs shine the most. Emery and Phillips will be key to the success of the hogs. I think Emery is ready to shine and Phillips needs a few more games. These 2 characters Ming off the bench can be difference makers.

I think this team will finish 9-4 in nonconference with a loss at Texas Tech. Unfortunately, I am afraid we are looking at a 6-12 SEC record and 0-1 in the SEC tournament to finish 15-17 overall.

That 15-17 looks and sounds bad. I think the hogs are better than that. I hope your wrong.

I don’t see 6-12 in conference. Before season I thought 11-7, 12-6. Dudley said he expected about even 9-9. I think we will be somewhere between the 9-9 and 12-6. If we finish below 500, I think it’d be closer to 8-10 than 6-12. JMO

Somewhere between 7-11 and 9-9.

This team is a work in progress. So far the success of the team depends on how Gafford is defended and how well Joe and Mason shoot.

Other pieces like Chaney, Harris are slowly getting there. I think Mike has finally settled on Chaney as the backup to Gafford and then some time at the 4, rather than other way around.

Harris hasn’t figured out how to attack the zone yet. I thought he did better in the last game. He will get there.

X factors are Adrio, Keyshawn and Jordan.

I am hoping those five pieces willl be firmly in place by February. Until then, there could be some surprising losses, example possibly against A&M Saturday and some surprising wins.

To me at this point almost every game feels like a swing game.

I hope you are right, but after the awful loss to Ga Tech I just don’t see us doing very well in SEC play.

I think unless we get more people shooting the ball especially the 3 better we won’t make the Ncaa…just too easy to stop us in the 1/2 court.Gafford getting better but not a real consistent scorer in the paint,Jones and Joe are spot up 3 guys(jones at least will try to drive some).We play very hard just not a lot of offensive weapons,simpson could really help if he plays the way he did against AP.

Hopefully Simpson has the green light to do his thing, by that I mean shooting the mid range & also attacking the basket to balance that.
Phillips is a key component that should help us more soon & down the stretch.

First, let me say that I like 99.9% of you are am I lifetime Razorback fan.
I like most of you try to start each new season with optimism that it will be a good season with more ups than downs.
Having said that and watching these first 14 games this team in my opinion should be 14-0, but they’re not.
Poor free throw shooting can be blamed in almost all of our four losses, as well as a lack of intensity from our team in home losses to Georgia Tech tostart the second half and a combination of many things in this last debacle at home against a Florida team that played bad enough to try and allow us to get a victory.
The free throw percentage has to drastically improve if this team has any chance of finishing above .500 in conference because the talent level edge we had during the majority of the non-conference schedule is officially over.
SEC teams know who we are and what we can and can’t do well and will take full advantage of these areas of weakness.
We effectively have 1 true big man with any real experience and he has a pension to get into foul trouble and our opponents will go after him every game to try to pick up fouls on him early so he is sitting on the bench.
If that happens we are a one trick pony relying on the 3 point shot, amping up full court pressure to try and create turnovers for easy buckets.
Many of you were thinking that Jordan Phillips would round into playing shape soon and would make an impact, but as we now know that’s not going to happen.
Yet, we have two bigs on our roster that our coaches evidently have decided can’t be put into a game and give the team any positive minutes.
With that being the case we will struggle with teams that play a physical style.
I don’t have a crystal ball with insight to what our total wins and losses might end up being, but my feeling is that we probably won’t be any better than .500 in conference play and throw in a loss at Texas Tech.
I can see us possibly winning one game in the SEC Tournament followed by a loss.

If we do end up .500 in conference, loose @ Texas Tech and go 1-1 @ SEC Tournament that would end up being an overall record of 19-14.
That’s sort of how I see it.
If this is how it goes then we won’t make the NCAA tournament field.
I think Coach Anderson will have a 3-4 more seasons to see if he can continue to lead this program and I for one hope he succeeds.

Go Hogs!

Need to take you to Vegas