After watching Florida series

A few observations. Turner may have a better bat than Casey Opitz did but number of passed balls is getting terrible to say the least. What in the world is wrong with Robert Moore’s bat he is swinging like he was a freshman. Thank goodness his fielding hasn’t suffered! Our first baseman has made some boneheaded plays that may not go down as errors but should. I don’t mind getting beat when the other team outplays you but today we beat ourselves.

I agree about Turner. I think we may see some batting order moves pretty soon. I would love to have Gregory leading off and then have Wallace behind him. Webb to me needs to be hitting down in the order because he’s going to strike out a lot… we are winning without playing our best baseball but as we saw this weekend when we face teams they can hit the ball out of the park our pitching is not good enough right now…LSU coming in can absolutely crush the ball …Ole Miss can too,they hit six home runs today against Alabama but lost. We are going to have to start getting better on both offense and pitching if we’re going to make a run this year.

It’s gonna be a challenge, I think. Yes, we have won a lot of games while not playing our best. Not playing our best, cost us this series. It’s hard to beat a team when two of your starting pitchers can’t even get thru 4 innings. I didn’t get to watch the game today, and by the time I got to a radio, it was in the 8th inning, tied at 7/7. Things didn’t go too well from there. I kind of expected a slow start from Smith, but too not even make it thru 4? And Wiggins? What happened to him today?
I thought the start time was 2:00?? According to the schedule it was. I turned in the radio at around 3:00 and the game was in the 8th inning??
This team is still a work in progress. A lot to work on.
Sad to see the series win streak end. And like you, I’m not surprised that they took two games. but the hardest is seeing us flounder away a 2 game lead.
Thursday nights win looked like we had broken thru and shifted to a higher gear. But nope! Games 2 and 3, right back to where we were.
Our starting pitching had better get their shift in order.
Conner seems to have shown to be reliable. Smith and Wiggins, not so sure.

That wind has been brutal. Florida took advantage of it, hogs didn’t. They routinely let the first pitch go by without trying to hit it. Florida figured it out.

Key phrase we have been winning without playing great, sometimes not even playing very good.
I think the pitching will work itself out. We have seen that Connor is the older mature one obviously. He pitches and stays within himself and focused.
Smith started the year like a Friday starter but we seeing now he can get a little rattled, he’s a freshman facing the best hitters in college baseball. I think he will calm down because when he is on, he’s tough to hit.
Wiggins has shown he can dominate when his breaking ball pitches and change up are working. Hits the corners on the low side with his FB. But a little adversity he tries to blow the FB by in the zone, that doesn’t work in the SEC, unless you’re that guy from Tenn that throws 104 mph.

Relax who’s our Coach again.


The Hogs have as much talent as anyone in the league including TN. It will raise its pretty head before all is said and done.

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