After watching coaching videos

I am encouraged. I was lukewarm on Chavis when he was rumored a month ago but after listening to him I am sold. In fact fired up over the unity and thought process Morris has instilled in a short time. We might have a winner here. Will take some time but if these guys can recruit we have a chance. Fired up.

I would think most of us are taking a wait-and-see attitude. But the coaches are saying the right things. We’ll see how it all works out with the product on the field in the coming years.

not so much with Chavis’.

Was obvious Chavis did NOT want to be up there; tried on several occasions to say thanks and exit the stage, only to be dogged with yet another question.

Couldn’t hear the questions, but guessing he might be already be tired of the doubters; generally speaking:

  1. Does he still have “it”, and
  2. What’s his explanation for recent underwhelming defensive results with talent “superior” to what we currently have on The Hill.

Maybe, just maybe, he’ll find “the fire” to prove all those doubters wrong. Could be special days ahead if he does.