After watching Chandler Morris

Thursday and Saturday, I know he’s a high D-I QB.

His throwing motion is very tight and then he throws a very accurate ball. I loved what I was seeing, but I heard others in the crowd talking about Chandler and saying the same thing. His timing with receivers he’s never work with before was very impressive.

Anyone that questions Arkansas offering Chandler obviously hasn’t seen him throw in a camp setting.

Good to know RD, his offer is legit. Cuz you know there will be naysayers harping about favoritism to both of those QB’s-John & Chandler due to connections with Jerry Jones, Coach Morris, & both from same HS.

Well, with Dudley confirming that Jones’s “scholarship” doesn’t actually take up an actual schollie it makes the point moot

Wait, I haven’t heard this. Can you explain or link to what he said?

Not accurate about Jones. Wrong.

Like you have any idea. SMH. You are like Wally Hall, bad info from bad sources.

What I said was if you think that having John Stephen Jones on scholarship will prevent Arkansas from adding another recruiting piece then you are fooling yourself.

But it is a real scholarship.

What are you talking about? So Dudley is a bad source? Kid has a real scholarship. Good lord, Swine. You are incorrigible sometimes.

I don’t understand

Do you guy’s believe the QB’s we’re recruiting may one day rival the current talent at TE???

All depends how they progress over the next few years, but the talent is definitely there.