After two games, there seems to have been a lot of glaring penalty mistakes by officials ----

------ to me. Catalon’s blocking below the waist penalty in the first game was just wrong. On the Gamecocks first TD drive there were two glaring mistakes in my opinion. They called interference on a pass that was not catchable and it was past the receiver when our cornerback hit him. Not reviewable. They called us for a pass rusher’s “hand in the face” of a blocker and it was clearly shown in the replay that our defensive end had the jersey in his hand, not the facemask. Again, not reviewable. When you add the clueless seeming confusion several times when the officials tried to sort out the call capped by the five minutes of dead air at the end of the game, this was particularly bad officiating. I think the SEC head of officials owes us an apology. This game does not approach the insanity of the blown Auburn calls two years ago but it is close.


When the SEC head of officials apologize to us will be the day that both political parties kiss and make up. :grimacing:


As long as we use human beings to officiate, there will be mistakes.


Very true Southpaw

Very true, but I thought yesterday was worse than normal. Even the SC fans around me just kind of grinned when I ask them about it.

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Greg, I honestly thought there was some blown calls the other way as well. Some benefited SC, some didn’t. (For ex: the safety; he was clearly outside the tackle box, wasn’t avoiding an imminent sack, and was throwing towards the guy Bumper was covering, which was why Bumper had such a good chance at the interception. It just came off his hand wrong, not sure how they decided it was a safety).

I do think overall, I’ve seen some pretty bad officiating (two calls against Texass allowed Bama to win, and Bama still had 15 penalties). Seems like maybe Curles as the ref wasn’t as bad as we thought.

I think anytime an SEC QB throws a pass that looks like that, it should be a safety. No matter where on the field he is, when he throws it.


Curles was the CJ in College Station yesterday and even his incompetence couldn’t save the Aggies.

Lol, did look terrible didn’t it.

If he had thrown that pass in Stuttgart, the ball would have been pumped full of birdshot!


Guys, there is a shortage of officials in the Arkansas high school ranks.

Get off your you know what and try it sometime.

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The most glaring fluster cluck from the officials during the game was the whole 5 minute debacle of moving the chains back and forth from 3rd and 4 to 3rd and 2 and then back to 3rd and 4. That was a real WTF moment.

I agree about the hands in the face - bad call. How can you have your hands in his face when you have a hand full of jersey. I also think the Safety was the wrong call. I think it was a pass that just slipped out of the QBs hand and the receiver he was trying to throw to was easily determined. As for the PI… it was a close one. Though I will say they were letting the SC guy that had such a big day get by with pushing off on Clark a few times on the back shoulder throws most especially.

No thank you, I am way to far out of shape to try.

I agree with that as well. One was full extension

I did it for 2 years in NWA… it’s not easy to get each call correct for sure. But some of these calls / no calls are just hard to understand. Our crew always corrected a bad call if possible.

I know I missed a few in my time but I don’t think I missed one that changed the outcome of a game. That was always my fear.

I know quite a few officials, both in football and basketball. They all seem to share that opinion.

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I didn’t believe the Rattler pass was intentional grounding. However, it sure looked like Domineck was being held on that play. And he was in the end zone, which should have resulted in the safety anyways. Watching it live, I figured that was going to be the call when the officials huddled. But I didn’t see a flag on the ground to indicate they had called holding. You can see the offensive lineman pulling Dominick by the hand as he’s reaching towards Rattler.

Edit: Actually, when I went back and watched again the hole happened outside the end zone. That was Domineck pulling the lineman’s jersey in the end zone. Probably should’ve been a half the distance to goal penalty on the initial hold.


Yesterday I watched my 15 year old grandson play AAU basketball. Parents for the opposing team were relentless on the refs. To the point of embarrassment. I just shook my head. I make it a point to thank every ref or umpire I see after the games. They are not there for the $$.

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I thought the intentional grounding call was questionable. Not necessarily wrong, but I don’t think I’d have called it.

One could argue it benefitted SC. They were already down 12 points. The 2 more didn’t mean much. It gave them a chance to kick the onside kick, which they converted.