After three successful power running and play action passing drives ------

------ our fourth drive suddenly started using a lot of entirely different type of plays. It seemed we went to more finesse, trickeration, plays using jet sweeps, Hornsby at tailback threatening an option run to the right then giving it to Sanders back slashing into the middle, inside tight end screens, etc. just a lot of plays that we had not run before this year. That drive stalled and led to the missed field goal at the end of the first half so it was not wildly successful. After halftime, the play calling in general was not as tricky as that last drive of the first half.

We won the game so I am not complaining, I am just wondering what is going on? I suspect there is value in giving future defensive coordinators lots of stuff to worry about and there is value in seeing how new play types work in real games to help refine what’s effective and tweek what’s not. They probably just decided to see how plays using Hornsby at WR worked to get the kinks worked out for the future and threw in a few other tricky plays for good measure. I just thought it was interesting and wondered if anyone else knows more about all that to share?

I thought Hornsby’s play was electric. I think the biggest issue on the fourth series was the targeting call that was reversed to Arkansas’ detriment, followed by a holding penalty on our OL.


That drive should’ve and would’ve ended in 3 points, if KJ had taken the short gain that was available to him instead of forcing that throw. The good thing about KJ, is that he learns from his mistakes. I do think it is important to get Malik some touches in every game. I look for him to get extended PT against the Bobby Bears.


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