After three days to calm down...

Jeff - quit talking about knee pads now! Your Bret pads are going on five hears of steady use and are about worn out… not like they are spring chickens either!!!

PS Petrino was and is a jerk. Applauded his firing and want him to lose every time he steps on the field!

We simply don’t have an SEC or upper big 12 offensive line.

Glaring issue to me.

I like coach B. I’m not sure there has been another coach in recent memory I have wanted to succeed more representing our U.

But his DNA is O line. And to have a decline like this at end of 4th year and now 5th year is unimaginable.

Yet here we are.

If O line is his DNA and that is lousy; is there any wonder that the rest is even worse?

Well, Petrino showed us that we have the ability to not only win here, but to win big. You can’t bash people because they feel cheated due to the mediocrity of the coaches on the sideline.

After some time to calm down I feel pretty good about our defense. What I feel most troubled about is our coaching. This game featured bad coaching.

CBB did say everything that went wrong against TCU was fixable. In my mind I was thinking, yeah… and it starts at the top with coaching, we know how that gets fixed.