After three days to calm down...

A few thoughts on Saturday’s game

  • This was not good. No sugarcoating it.
  • Having said that, it was not as bad as Auburn last year. Defense was infinitely better for one thing. And in spite of how bad Auburn was, what we remember about last season is not that game. It’s the collapses against Missouri and Virginia Tech.
  • All of which is to say it’s just one game. Whether 28-7, 56-3 or 42-41, it only counts one on the L side. Last year, after the Auburn disaster and an open date, we played our best game of the season against Florida. A repeat would be nice.
  • I hear somebody started a fan petition to hire Mike Leach. That was an immediate LOL. You can’t be any more blatant about it. Leach’s just Petrino without the motorcycle (all passing, no defense) and from what I understand he’s almost as big a jerk. I do wish the Petrino worshippers would take off their knee pads and accept reality. He’s not coming back, and if he does come back I’m not coming back. If I wanted to win at all costs I would be an Auburn fan.
  • If somebody can figure out what’s going on in Austin Allen’s head they should win a Nobel Prize. He looks confused out there. Maybe he’s confused because his line isn’t blocking and his receivers aren’t getting open, but he looks confused none the less.
  • Defense’s play was really encouraging. If the offense can give them some rest they’ll be fine. But some more takeaways would help the offense too.

Actually this defense is one nose tackle away from being OK, not great, but tons better than last year. As long as their center can achieve a stalemate one on one against our nose tackle, every team we play will run the ball on us. The rest of the switch to the 3-4 looked OK, again not great, but much improved.

Kicking game has gotten worse, offense is worse, Austin is worse, receivers are worse, etc. etc. Austin is frustrated because he mostly has no one to throw to and when he does they tend to break the wrong direction. The running game worked when Williams came in because TCU assumed he was the pass blocking back and reset their defense to normal rather than all three safeties lining up like linebackers. That proves to me that if Austin and his receivers can establish a threat that requires safeties to help defend the pass, we can run this year.

The most disappointing thing I saw (among many, many, candidates) was us on the goal line with a straight ahead running play called, they had a safety lined up at defensive end, we had no one to block him, our senior QB did not check off to a bootleg run/pass (a basic bread and butter play for this offense), and the safety came through untouched to make the tackle for a loss. Austin could have walked in.

I am not calm yet. Can you tell?

I recognize we don’t have a special teams coach but who is the kicking coach?

No sugar coating–agree
Auburn-mizzou-va tech–ya might throw in LSU
Best game against Fla–let us hope against A$M
Worship-Petrino-not the man—yes to the record, offense and play calling
Knee pads–N/A
Hiring him back–N/A
You not coming back–your choice
View of not winning at all cost-agree
Austin Allen analysis-agree
Encouraged by Defense Play-agree

Arkansas looked so good against Florida last year, in part, because Florida did not have a capable quarterback. Ironically, that might be the case again with Texas A&M next weekend.

2009 asked who was our kicking coach. I zeroed in on Cole in pre-game warm ups. He looked great. He hit one from 48 yards that would have cleared from at least 53 or more.

It’s obvious that in a game he tenses up. That is hard to fix. If not impossible.

Feel bad for the young man. He had nothing to do with the outcome. But we can’t allow him to kick when the outcome rides on his leg.

I think Cole’s problem is he tries to guide the ones from the left hash. He has missed almost all of those.

I have always believed I would live out my days following and loving the Razorbacks. No matter where I might live. But if the UA were to ever hire Mike Leach, that plan might have to change. I lived in Texas for a long time, knew lots of HS football coaches, and NONE of them had a good word to say about Leach. Many had lots of bad words for him.

Hogmodo, you made the same point I did in earlier posts…on the goal line…three times we ran something that had the LT ignore the guy over his left shoulder, and instead go for the inside LBer. The guy left untouched zoomed in and made the play. 3 times this happened! Maybe more as I stopped counting. I don’t know if that’s on AA for not checking, or if its a line adjustment, or what…but an adjustment had to be made and it wasn’t.

I also agreed with the comment about Williams. TCU dropped its safeties back as soon as he trotted in. They were foaming at the mouth waiting for Devwah. That said, you can actually run it against a loaded box…Bielema himself did it at Wisco all the time. But, you gotta also make them pay…and we could not. And a dominant o-line is required too. We still lack that, though the 3 inside dues player well I thought. And Johnny hasn’t been at RT long…

I asked and never heard if there is any news on Brandon Martin. Anyone? I know there’s not been a presser yet. When there is…please ask.

I thought Patton and O’Grady looked good. Let’s increase their role. And pray JRed gets the rust off.

Swine, you’re right. AA looks frustrated and totally without trust or confidence.

Hogmaestro you are correct the Bielema path to success requires a dominant OL…one he promised to build when he declared in his introductory press conference he would “build from the inside out.”

Five years in to his tenure we can all agree Arkansas is light years from a dominant OL. In fact based on our inability to execute in the running game I’d argue we have a below average OL which will graduate by far its best player and anchor after this season.

Our OL situation boggles the mind. How it got this point is stunning really given Bielema’s reputation at Wisconsin.

Saturday was definitely a nightmare. That said, if someone had told me going into the game that TCU would be held to 14 points for 57:30, I’d taken that in the heartbeat and would have thought the Hogs would be up 35-14 at that point. Now, I realize TCU puked away a golden opportunity inside the 5, so it may have been more like 21 with 2:30 to play, but still, the defense played well considering our All-SEC cornerback was being replaced by freshmen.

In all of the screaming about this game, I have not heard anyone place blame on Michael Smith (not that I think he deserves any), yet it seems apparent the receiver group is not coming through. Obviously, they’re young and green, but some have been in the system for a couple of years. We don’t want to blame Coach Smith because he has done a great job recruiting in Louisiana. Kurt Anderson gets blamed because line play in his first 15 games has not been good. Yet if the receivers can’t get open, we’re going to see safeties creeping into the box for the rest of the year and it’s difficult to block 5 on 8 or 9. Don’t get me wrong, KA has to produce a better line. We’ve got to be able to score inside the 5. Certainly, play-calling could maybe help that.

Now I write that not to excuse any coach or to blame any coach. The staff as a whole deserves blame, just as they would say you win/lose as a team. AA is struggling, but only Monday morning QBs would bench him for a redshirt freshman when the game was well within reach at 14- 7.

What is downright silly is for a fan to start a petition to hire a new coach when there is not an opening. There may come a day (and I’m certainly not saying there will) when CBB all of a sudden looks great in our eyes (wins the SEC and has a couple of double-digit win seasons) and we want to hang onto him, but he leaves. It’s easy right now to say, “Well, bye,” but it might not be so easy then. Why not let things play out (sure, express frustration; you should). If things don’t dramatically improve soon, he’ll be gone because the fans will speak with their pocketbooks as in not opening them to UA football.

Swine your right about the defense. They played hard and were effective. Much better than last year. The pass interference call on a ball that should have been intercepted blows my mind. What’s the technique! Keep your eyes on the receiver and run over him. Don’t look for the ball you might catch it. That’s the play I felt miserable about. I don’t expect this defense to be able to hold a goal line stand against anyone. They are too passive.
The person that needs to be kicked is Enos. Same plays he’s called against TCU last year and this year. Same result in the red zone.
There’s nothing to say about special teams just ref to them as special needs for coaching and direction. You can sit all that speed on the pine and it does you no good. All the talk about the speed for the kick return I haven’t seen squat! All I see is mass confusion on special teams. Maybe one of those linebacker coaches needs an additional duty.
Sometimes the mirror is where these coaches need to look!
The offense is lost somewhere with Dorthy in Kansas. They better click their shoes together and wake up. I did not see an aggressive offense they were scared and confused. All of them. And when they hit a play for the TD a receiver celebrates like a complete idiot. Hardly uncommon.
Bye week miracle. That’s what we need.
What I would enjoy to see on the field is the same effort they played with last year against Florida.
I sure don’t want a coach like Leach whom is every much a slim as what Motorcycle guy is. Win or loose with respect and integrity period. I’d rather watch games like TCU than have a win at all cost disgraceful Head Coach! Being a hog fan may be tough be I can just have humble pie for desert.
I don’t expect a miracle out of this team. I do expect the offense to make a little improvement with each game.

But as you might suspect, I’ll disagree about Leach. Hadn’t heard about the petition.

I do think Arkansas is probably a better job than Leach deserves, but I don’t reject his abilities out of hand. Certainly will not “LOL” him.

He’s a capable coach, has won a lot, and right now I might take him over Bielema, regardless of whether he’s a jerk. I don’t really know that to be true. Is he tough on his players and maybe a little rough verbally with them? Yes. But I’m not going to reject him just because he made Craig James’s son stand in a broom closet. He’s a colorful guy and, sort of like Bielema (but in different ways), does pretty well with the media.

I tend to think football players need to fear failure in order to succeed. Guys like Tom Landry, Bill Parcells, Nick Saban, and my man-crush, Bobby Petrino, have ways of instilling that. Leach probably does, too. I’m not sure Bielema does. That could be part of our problem.

Oh well, I did sort of like the defense. Mildly encouraged by it. And I think Austin will play better. But I think the O line is going to be the big problem (again) this season, as is a set of receivers that can’t do what they are coached to do (i.e. run precise routes).

It’s unfortunate, to say the least. I think Bielema has probably dug himself a hole – with many, many fans – that he can’t get out of. We shall see if the big boys on the Hill do something about it, or if the buyout is insurmountable after this year.

What is crazy about that petition is, if that really is who that person (people) want, it is very doubtful that JL or any athletic director would let a petition tell him who to hire. And if you really want Arkansas to win, that petition doesn’t help (don’t know how much it hurts, but it doesn’t help) in recruiting. It’s a stunt that has made national news, and recruits may be wondering about the stability of the program. Probably are anyway, but even more so now.

This can be a crazy ass fan base. We saw that with Nutt and the airplane banners. Long and company had better take that into account when making decisions over the next few weeks and months. It is who we are, like it or not.

The petition is silly… a sideshow with no bearing on anything including recruiting.

What could really help recruiting though would be for the Hogs to break their streak of futility in Arlington!

Want to hurt recruiting? Lose another one to the Aggies and continue to feed the growing narrative that Arkansas is a bottom feeder in the SEC West.

As Al Davis said… just win baby (Bret) and all of your problems are up and gone like a fart in the wind!

I’m pleased that the discussion in this thread has remained civil while people have disagreed with me and with each other. I think that’s encouraging given the level of frustration we all feel right now. As well as the level of insanity in our crazy ass fan base…

I looked at Mike Leach’s record. He’s never won a conference championship, has won one division co-championship, but did not play in the Big 12 championship game that year. So I’m a bit unclear why people think he would be an upgrade, other than that he would throw the ball a lot. I’ve heard it argued that one of the problems with the current Hog team is that we have overemphasized the pass and have not focused enough on developing our running attack, and I agree to that with some extent. Getting back to Leach, he does not have a history of winning big. And what I have heard about Leach as a person meshes with what Hogmaestro posted.

I also agree that the LSU game was one of our lowlights of last year, prompted largely by defensive failure to tackle Guice. Which again encourages me that our run defense has been pretty solid so far. And just a little reminder that TCU is a pretty darn good team. They’re ranked in the top 20 this week and I think they deserve it. They also had more than a little bit to do with our offensive struggles. Which is not to excuse anyone, player or coach. Nobody associated with our offense did a good job Saturday that I saw, with the possible exception of David Williams.

And to use your level of intellectual honesty, I wish the Long lovers would take off their knee pads and accept reality.

I don’t see a lot of people thinking Petrino is coming back - I do however see quite a few who are pissed that the football program has been decimated under “The Jeff Long’s Leadership”. And quite a few more who are incapable of brain activity that extends beyond parroting meaningless company lines… Long “had to” fire him, integrity goes a “long way”, Bielema is building it “the right way”, etc.

Clearly, you are a good person because you reject “winning at all cost” (whatever that means). Can you explain what Petrino did to “win at all cost” (other than actually “winning”) while at AR? Did you express those concerns at the time or is your moral outrage only retroactive? I remember that Petrino’s players and recruits were largely praised for their discipline and character while Petrino was here. Can you show where you were concerned about “winning at all cost” when we were going 10-3 or 11-2 because that would have been the time to display your superior character. (I’ll be happy to show you, while the birds were chirping his praises, where I was concerned about Long’s leadership 5 years ago and saw this demise coming)

I would be lying if I said I knew what Bobby Petrino was doing while he was doing it. That he sneaked his girlfriend onto the payroll and lied about it, that he completely antagonized everyone at the Cotton Bowl, etc., etc. I had heard that he terrorized everyone at the athletic department but he’s not the first coach to do that. Lou Holtz did a pretty good job of that too. I’m entitled to change my mind based on new evidence and that’s exactly what I did. You obviously don’t care what he did; as long as he wins football games you give him a pass on everything else. I tell you what would have gotten me mad at Jeff Long: If he had kept Bobby Petrino after what he did.
By the way after five and a half years your knee pads are worn out. You need a new pair.

Not sure why BP s name keeps popping up, really haven’t seen many people bring it up and usually its the BP haters. As to Leach, Don’t really ever follow him but must say to take TT and WSU to winning records and ranked teams is impressive considering those are 2 armpit college areas

They love you when you’re on top, hate you when you aren’t.

If CBB gets booted, which is going to happen, in my opinion sooner rather than later. Many will have a whole new perception of him, some will say ridiculous things to attack him, it’s just how that works. Just wait and see. This board will treat him badly, as they do BP. It may be in a different manor, but it will happen.

I’ve watched this story a time or two.