After this class, the only question

Is can he follow up with another class like it? And another?

Gosh, the possibilities are insane.

Are the Hogs really relevant again??

After the 90’s and the hard fall, I was afraid to dream.


I know, it’s almost surreal huh?


may not be as highly ranked but feel like he will always have a top 10-15 class as long as we keep winning and others see how they can succeed under Muss’ coaching


Yeah I think he can bc this puts our Program on full blast an everyone sees we are doing great on the court an bringing in cream of the crop talent.


Yep. We’re back, baby! And we ain’t leaving again!


Good question
You start pulling these 1 and dones, you gotta repeat it. And then you reach that top elite level

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And hope you don’t crash and burn like Calipari at tournament time.:smile:


I think there’s another question. As a college head coach, Muss has never had this kind of young extremely talented players at one time. He’s certainly proven he can mold very good young college players with very experienced and good college players into 2 excellent college teams.

I can’t wait to see what he does with his youngest and most NBA-talented team. This is new, at least in the last 25 years, for we fans. It’s also new for Muss, as a head coach, in the college game. Can he get these uber talented freshmen to buy in to his required intense defensive plan? Can he get them to accept their role for the best of the team? Just some new challenges for Muss.

Personally, I believe he will ace these new challenges. I also believe that winning is first and foremost in the minds of all our new young extremely talented players. Stats be da$%ed, winning is everything.

I am so excited for this coming basketball season, I can hardly contain myself. Thank goodness there’s really good Razorback baseball and football to watch between now and basketball season.


Harley, you spoke my worries/thoughts better than I could have.


ps, I’m about to buy FF tickets for next year


He will whip these young men into shape this summer,will be quite a change for them bc Muss runs a pro scheme.He will get their attention and get them to play Muss ball.


Probably can do it again as long as the 5*’s keep going in 1st round of draft in 1-2 years. Hard to win NC’s like that. Duke has had too 5 recruiting class consistently. But coach k has won 5 NC’s in 42 years. Not even Zion & Barrett (2 first team AA’s) could get past regional finals. Cal has won 1 NC at KY with all of em he gets every year to.
That seems to be the mind set of the top HS players. Getting to the league & getting paid as quick as possible. If they happen to make a final 4 or win a NC in their 1-2 years in college that’s fine to. If not, meh, time to go get paid.

Hope Muss can get the most out of em in a short time frame and win it all.

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Muss will demand each and everyone of his layers to play solid defense! Hard coaching is what it takes. Sometimes young men that have been told how great they are need some humble pie!
They will be served a full plate. The way they listen and react to coaching will be displayed on the court. I don’t think it’s a democracy. It’s the development of a team the players will have to buy into. It appears on the surface this class is loaded with good athletes. The question is can they bind and play as 1! If the McDonals All American activities are what they appear Nick Smith, Jordan Walsh and Anthony Black enjoy playing together so that’s a great start.
Winning is part of it and coaching is the other. The business decision for players is to play for a coach that can help you prepare for the next level. They have all watched just like we have what Muss can do and how he prepares for games and run his team. The differences between before mUss and since he took over and like night and day.
The hogs have coma back but the mountain seems less steep than it did a few years ago. Maintain the disciple and standards is first all else will take care of itself.


I think the winning formula for Muss going forward is to get as many young 6’6" Swiss Army knives as he can, and build the front lines with proven big men thru the portal.

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Correct army. Kid can average 25 pts a game but if you can’t or won’t play defense and/or bust your tail in all other areas, you will sit.
He sat his only 5* at Nevada for just that.

Probably right.

I’m hopeful that the team next year can continue to move in a upward trend like we have the last two seasons. The recruiting job our staff has done is phenomenal to say the least, but you have to continually feed the monster. When blue bloods have a great coach and recruits well they are hard to beat, but if you look at the fall of UCLA once the Wizard was gone it proves that it does take both the coach and recruits to become elite. I believe Muss can be that coach if he can continually recruit at the current level we are seeing. Hopefully Kansas and Self will receive what they deserve from the NCAA if the infractions have merit. You can’t give the current blue bloods anymore advantage than they all ready have at this time. WPS

You’d better keep Muss here. All I’m saying. We’ve screwed the pooch so many times with coaches I hate to think about it. Basketball and football. HY is the new variable though. If Muss leaves because he just wants to go back to California and coach a UCLA, then fine. Not much we could do about it. But I’d hate to see him get offered in the next year or two by a Kentucky or Kansas and see him go to one of those schools. That means we couldn’t step up financially and in other ways.

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Yes. Don’t get me wrong, their isn’t a single one of these “1 and done” players that I am not THRILLED to get. But I do worry about getting on the “1 and done” train. You have to reload so fast. That said, Muss appears to be reloading via the transfer portal every year, and has shown the ability to get a bunch of “new guys” formed into a team, so, I’ll take the "1 and dones’ and see what happens!

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You make a good point there, but I think the transfer portal has fundamentally changed college basketball. That and NIL. CEM’s advantage of melding these new players won’t last forever, because others will catch up, but he will always be one of the better ones at it.

It sure is a good problem to have, ain’t it?

Coach Muss is a bonafide expert at taking new players and orchestrating them into a superb team that is greater than the sum of its parts. It will be fun to continue watching the next masterpiece.