After the Baseball Team disappointment

I’m ready for football - as a Razorback fan I need somthing to cheer about

But honestly I’m very nervous about football

I really like the new coach - I’m just worried that it’s going to be a painful season - hope I’m wrong

Gosh - hoped the baseball team would do somthing special - which they did - after all they are clearly #2

But that # 2 ranking feels very hollow right now - that’s wrong of me - these young men accomplished a lot - I’m conflicted - am I just accepting 2nd place because - “we are Arkansas?”

Makes me think of Ark football history

Just like so many other close but no cigar failures in football

The ones I remember are

1966 Cotton Bowl vs LSU (lost National Championship)

1969 Texas (Spit) shootout lost national title opportunity

1998 Stumble Fumble Knoxville TN - lost title opportunity

2006 Punt return SEC Championship game lost sec title

Scoup and Run play Sugarbowlb vs OSU

1Aoril BOB Motorcycle Accudent removes CBP with the roster of talent for his system leading to JL Smith and years of dispate

There is more

Arkansas fans are a long suffering bunch

Please forgive my rant - just had to get it off my chest - I’m already hearing from other sec and louisville fans proclaim “The typical Arkansas choke”

There are time I’m teally not happy about being a Razorback fan in another state because of the other fans - SEC fans - even UK football fans - who couldn’t buy a football championship / question why Srksnsas is in the league -

Forgive my frustration

Hoping for a better football season

As a Razorback fan - I need somthing to cheer about

I hope better days are coming.

Lord knows we need it.

I always place football over baseball, but I was bought in to baseball this year after Bret’s 5 year disaster. This one hurt.

I am, however, very excited about football. I don’t expect too much, but am looking forward to the offense and watching Chief coach some Defense.

I hope they have a better than expected season, that would lift some spirits!

Yes me too and I have to admit I’ve enjoyed this baseball season a lot but it seemed like Ibwas always protecting myself waiting for the let down

Then I started to Believe again - let down

I’m sure I’m not alone … Razorbacks fans need somthing really good teams happen

We should be able to celebrate justvbeing there but if you got SEC Neigbour s like I do - 2nd place is continued validation to them that Arkansas really isn’t an SEC School

Rebuilding in football and mens and women’s basketball, could be very tough sledding for awhile yet. It seems to me Mike Neighbors is very quietly assembling a pretty good squad for the future. Morris and Anderson will garner the most attention and scrutiny this season but both have a free year with the least amount of pressure from the AD and probably the fans unless things become a total debacle. We have enough talent in all the teams mentioned to be competitive once they come together as a team, how long it will take to come together is anyone’s guess but could be brutal early. I think we have the coaches to become very good in all three sports, but as fans patience’s will be needed as youth,inexperience and lack of continuity will be referred to frequently early in the season. Can’t wait to kick off our football season and get into the fall sports and cooler weather!! My hats off to the baseball team and coaching staff and congratulations on a great season. WPS

I think this football staff has a much higher player accountability bar than we’ve seen since BP and to compete in the SEC West it has to be the foundation for all standards and expectations. Flip flops and Reggae music is fine for the Caribbean but it will get you killed in this conference. It will be exciting watching a new brand of ball come alive this fall regardless of the W/L column. Not only the fan base will witness but recruits for the next two classes will get an eye full and the upward trend will be established. Watching a team ascend is a lot more fun than watching it fall.

I agree with just about everything poasted in this thread. I love this baseball team and accomplishments. Also, as disappointed as others about the loss to OSU. Baseball is now behind me and and nothing in my sights now except football. One month and one day until camp begins.

Lots of good quotes in this thread

Like you I’m focused on Football now

But I admit I’m more focused on Razorback baseball than ever now

I’m looking forward to paying more attention to the baseball Razorbacks

That disappointing 2nd Championship game is a classic that should be played on ESPN for a long time to come

Sadly it’s another Arkansas close but not good enough

I say that and I remember the disappointment of our Razorbacks with the 2nd place trophy

You shouldn’t be sad with the 2nd place trophy but they were and yes - I was too

Hoping fir better - so close it hurts