After talking to a couple of people

I’m thinking Arkansas’ chances for Highland Park junior DE Prince Dorbah are pretty good.

Didn’t think that way until just recently. Can’t say he’s a slam dunk to come, but I think Arkansas has a good shot.

If you have that warm fuzzy feeling about Prince then so do I.

RD, when do you think we may start getting commitments from 2020 kids?

I’m wondering if our commitments might come just a little shower this year than last.

This past year, we could discount current results while selling wide-open opportunity at virtually ever position. This year, I’m thinking some recruits will want to wait and see if we do, indeed, start making some actual progress on the field. Also, with the class we’ve just signed/are signing, there’s suddenly more top-level competition at some positions with young guys that the class of 2020 recruits will be very familiar with. So, it’s not quite the greenfield opportunity it was only last year.

Don’t get me wrong; I still think we end up with another very solid and balanced class, when all is said and done. Just read your question and it got me to thinking about how some of the dynamics have shifted a bit from last year, with regard to our recruiting pitch and opportunity.

I wonder if they are going to have another “big weekend” with lots of top recruits visiting at the same time. That seemed to work well last year.

I agree that the “immediate playing time” pitch may be diminished somewhat because of the quality of the class that we are signing, but there is still plenty of playing time to go around. And in some ways it may be easier to convince a kid to come this year than last because the 2020 recruits can better see the potential of program success. This year’s class had to sort of take a leap of faith. Now if we tank again this year, all of that is out the window. I also think that the “I know how to turn this thing around” pitch was enhanced by Clemson’s dismantling of Alabama in the national championship game.

Having said that, I agree that some recruits may wait to see what we do this year before committing. The bottom line is that there needs to be significant improvement this year.

Probably Feb. That’s when Trevis Hooper became the first only to end up at Memphis.

You have a prospects day next Sat. and then on Feb. 2 and the 10th along with March 2, 9, 30.


I think there is playing time available at several positions that you can sell…like LB and OL as well as TE with O’Grady a Senior next year. In addition at RB too.

Iron sharpens iron so I am hoping that kids in 2020 class and beyond want to play with other high caliber players and it really won’t affect us much. Have a better year on the field will only help things!

I will say…if we landed Prince I think that would seriously open some eyes about this staff and their recruiting efforts!

Oops…forgot the D Line too…can never have enough solid players at that position in our conference!

We got the bulk of our commitments right after the Pig-nic, which was in the middle of the summer. While I’m sure they will always sell immediate playing time, I don’t think it was the main selling point until we got into the season. After week 3, it was clear we needed an influx of talent.