after sleeping on it

Watched if course our game, then a ton of good games last night, then sleeping on it, my opinion has changed.

I was the idiot that predicted 9 wins. Count me in as drinking the cool-aid.


  1. Our talent level is way below par. Especially in the offensive line. A true freshman blue shirt and a walk on on the right side. Not knocking the kids at all, they are trying very hard, but where is all the talent we supposedly recruited the last few years.

  2. At halftime the reporter said coach B said we need to play Arkansas football offensively. This didn’t work last year, not going to work this year. To me, from what i see, is a slow developing run game, lots of pulling, very few quick hitters. Same with the passing game, by the time our qb in play action gets ready to pass, he already has defenders coming full bore at him, long routes that require offensive linemen to sustain blocks for an extended period. Isn’t working and won’t against good teams. BTW, I am not convinced TCU is that good. we ran one quick hitter last night to Williams, and he broke for a good run.

  3. 3-4 defense helps, but it is just a bandaid. Teams are going to gash us up the middle, then wide all year. I saw very little penetration from the defensive line. We were led to believe that this would be an attacking defense from all angles, what i saw was a bend but not break defense that was behind the chains so to speak all game. We have 3rd and nines, they had 3rd and 3 all night it seemed. i did think the secondary played better than usual considering we were without our best defensive back. But playing better, well our grade last year would have been a D, this game probably a C.

  4. Our special teams are just flat pathetic. We had a kicker that choked all last year, did the same this game. why is he in there to begin with? Penalty on the opening kickoff, fumble on a later kickoff, zero punt returns, kickoff coverage was once again horrid, punter not impressive, we did not have one win in the kicking game. This isn’t new, that is the norm for this staff.

  5. Why do we have so many tight ends on the team when there are so many needs elsewhere. That being said, it was the only area that we had a plus grade last night. However we had a hold, an offsides, a possible td catch but he did not know where the back of the end zone was. And that was our win offensively. Another C in my opinion.

  6. Our receiving corps is just not that talented no matter what we’ve been led to believe. Announcer said TCU had no respect for our receivers, safeties were near the line of scrimmage to stuff the run. Scheme or talent? combination of both I believe. Our scheme is poor. Where is the deep pass to Jordan Jones, true speed. Where is Hammonds? Nance was only dependable receiver and he did the throat slash, classy. Cornelius looks heavy and slow, his drop on the opening pass set the tone for the game and he is a captain. If teams are going to stuff the run, which they will, why not run some hurry up, or 4 or 5 wideouts to spread the field. I’ve seen it before, staff is too stubborn to do something different. If Saban is willing to change his scheme to fit todays game, why not us?

In summary, I am as distraught as i was yesterday. I don’t see it getting much better if any at all. We are a long long ways away from being relevant in college football. This offensive system only works if you have superior talent on the offensive line, which we don’t have. We can beat A and M and the rest of the patsy non conference schedule. But other than that, i don’t see many victories in conference play. I think i read where we are Alabama’s homecoming game? if so it figures, you schedule a patsy for homecoming. Die hard lifelong Hawg fans i know are more than grumbling, and rightfully so.

It’s first of September, and the air has already been let out of this balloon. When does basketball and baseball start.

Your first observation is spot on

Talent across the board is either lacking - not to SEC standard - or it’s being miss utilized

Our Brand is so poor I don’t see it getting better anytime soon

Let’s face it - the SEC codified our brand to the same level as Mizzou

No one goes to Mizzou to win big - they go to Mizzou because of family connections - it happens to be the state university - or education - great players don’t go to Mizzou to play big time football

Arkansas is Mizzou or worse - Kansas without the basketball legacy

Maybe we will have to face the fact that the Razorbacks no longer represent the state of Arkansas but are a football team of a University in Arkansas

That reframing helps me stomach the poor performance better

Not angry - not in dispare - just tired of unfulfilled hopes and expectations - and I don’t see it getting better

It makes me sad - sometimes it sad to have to face reality that you hoped too much and had faith in s program like a bad spouse - lots of talk and promises - lots of if only you provide this and it will be better - maybe this spouse simply can never live up to his/her promises to provide

I don’t think it’s the Coach anymore - I think it’s the University of Arkansas by organization, location or culture cannot adapt to win on the level that represents the state of Arkansas

Right on the mark, that’s common sense football observation’s if only our coach could think that way his record might be not be 26-27

Well said by all of you. Looking forward to basketball season.

Wide receivers are more athletic. Plain and simple. Did they get separation? No. But they are faster and bigger than what was playing last year. TCU’s secondary is more experienced and did things to negate them. I do not understand sitting Jared Cornelius all of spring and all of fall and then making him the go-to guy. That does not make sense. Wide receivers need to run every day. They need to practice every day. He was ineffective, the way you’d expect for someone doesn’t play.

As usual, Clay is spot-on. J-red look VERY rusty.