After sleeping on it


  1. Don’t like him one iota, bit Calipari has Anderson’s number. We could not stop penetration therefore dunks and wide open shots. I’ve read in the past of how he coaches to beat us, and usually it works. Just a better coach and not trying to slam Anderson at all, just a fact to me. With more talent.

  2. We need more size recruiting wise. Not only were their guys long but they could shoot also. Knox killed us. I’m really concerned with future classes because I see little size. Bunch of very good 6 foot to 6’8” guys, but not much else. Yes I know Henderson is listed at 6’9” but he’s a project. And God forbid if Gafford leaves.

  3. Press didn’t achieve squat but make our guys tired. Especially when you get little to no bench offensive help, starters played a bit longer than normal. We ran out of gas.

  4. Gabe brings a lot to the table, but he isn’t a one on one basketball offensive threat. Trash buckets, wide open short jumpers, play defense and rebound should be the things he sticks to. Thought he hurt momentum in first half when he thought he was Michael Jordan.

  5. Dustin Thomas has player better lately, thought he played a great first half until he got in foul trouble. Surely the kid is smart enough to know not to get into foul trouble. His fouls are usually a ticky tack slap fouls. I thought game changed when he went out in first half

  6. Lastly CJ Jones. I know some love him and that’s ok. But if the kid can’t shot he had little business being in the game. He is a poor ball handler, bordering on bad in my opinion for a guard. His defense is suspect at best. I thought the entire game changed when he came into the game. Wide open threes, he bricked them all. Some other poster mentioned he was trying to jump too high when shooting. I agree. If we are counting on him for consistency next year we are in trouble. He ain’t Macon. He’s not a pure shooter. He cannot get his own shot off. Just thought his play along w foul trouble from Thomas changed the complexion of the game. Then once we got down it was one on one ball. Our bench got smoked.

  7. Still games to play. We need to win at the minimum 2 of the last 3. Then do a little damage in tourney. I think we’re in NCAA barring a total disaster, but an 8 to 10 seed is NOT where I thought this team would be. That is underachieving to me but at least we’re in and anything can happen I guess. Go hawgs

I guess the Hogs have underachieved in some people’s expectations, but not sure that I agree. Sure we have two good senior offensive guards, but beyond that, going into the season I am not sure lofty expectations were warranted. We had high hopes for Gafford, but the step up is big and by and large he has done well. We had seen enough of the other returnees to know they were serviceable and any expectations beyond that may have been wishful thinking. Hall and Gabe have shown flashes and made contributions, but not sure it was reasonable to put too much on them, so while we lost some games that we could/should of won and maybe surprised in a few others, I did not see our talent level as upper echelon in the SEC.

Where is the team that played so well at the PK80? Where is the team that looked so good through December? Where is the team that beat UT?

A debatable point for sure and I guess it just depends on ones opinion. My reasoning was we had 2 top guards coming back. Any team w really good guards are always a threat. Look at Kansas. We are getting more out of Gafford than I thought we would in year one. We heard accolades from coaches on how improved CJ was. Big disappointment there for me. We had 2 srs. At the four plus Bailey. Been out most inconsistent position for a couple of years now. Bailey another disappointment and that was before he got the flu. Throw in an improved beard, also a guard. Plus we looked so good in some early games but the North Carolina and Houston games should have told us a lot. And I bought into the hype, not by insiders but by Anderson himself. Get Arkansas back to the elite. Year 7 is it? I just thought we would be much further along. Glad we are hopefully making tourney which should be a minimum expectation each year. But we are aways from being elite. Just my opinion. That is why I think we have underachieved

While I agree that two strong senior guards is a good starting point, I think the teams whose success has been driven by great guard play had different kinds of guards than Barford and Macon. Macon has been more an outside shooter and while Barford is more of a slasher, he is seldom a threat to be a distributor. Neither are the classic point guard types and frankly, I don’t think our offensive style is very point guard oriented.
I think we may see a bit of difference in our guard play next season. Maybe not as dynamic scorers, but hopefully one or more lock down defenders. Kentucky’s point guard really exposed our inability to control the ballhandler before entering the lane.

i agree on the point guard point on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. but the announcers mentioned, in todays basketball, with kids being so skilled, if you play chest to chest you usually get beat on the drive. kids are just so good today. well, i agree beard isn’t the best at stopping penetration, or whoever we have guarding whoever at the top of the key, they are going to get around us. my point, that is how our kids are coached. i know they chart deflections, i wonder if you charted deflections vs how many times a kid drives through the lane and gets a bucket or passes off to someone for an easy assist. i would wager on our bad nights defensively that stat isn’t close. but we probably don’t chart that, but it is pretty apparent if you’ve watched any games this year, lsu, auburn, and kentucky are good examples that if you get by our defense at the top, its much easier to score on us.

one last point, you can’t have barford usually guarding knox. not blaming that on anderson other than not having enough bigs with skill to do that, but 6’3" vs 6’11" that can shoot, no contest. but he is all we had with a 3 guard lineup. Thomas who is coming on, needs to quit silly fouling with his hands.

im hoping next year that we have a much more balanced bigger lineup. that is if Gafford stays. our transfer point guard is 6’2" or 6’3" but sills is about beards size, justice hill about the same. the kid from ft smith northside is a pure shooter. add another 2 guard in one of the kids from texas i think, then a 6’7" forward that can handle the ball, throw in chaney at the 4 and we might have something there. henderson is a project but does have size, just not a great shooter from the times ive seen him play. time will tell. fun and intelligent conversation, thx for keeping it civil.

That team don’t exist when they play Kentucky. Too busy trash talking early and show baiting after a 3! The hogs beat themselves by not staying under control in the first half and controlling the game. Instead of doing what the coach wanted the seniors did it their way! That’s your answer. If you watched the game how many times were the hogs on a break and had the ball going to the basket and just throw up a wild shot. This is late February and they don’t understand what a good shot is against quality teams. This is the same bunch that had a 6 point lead a Moo U late and lost because of poor defense giving up wide open 3’s, poor rebounding, missing free throws, turning the ball over at crunch time. Go back and watch the last 5 minutes of that game and you will be able to see the answer! It’s not coaching! It’s talent and discipline that cost this team games.
There an old saying (KISS). Keep it simple stupid). I’d rather have a layup in traffic off the glass than a dunk in traffic or a shot throw up backwards on a fast break. I’d rather see rebounds taken with 2 hands instead of one. Stay between your man and the basket. Stop the straight line drive. Heck stop the ball. Don’t foul 90 feet from the basket. Block out.
The hogs played 4 games where they did a good job in all of these areas and last night they failed in every area. I just wonder what we see on Saturday at Alabama.

Here is my question for you about the guards. Harris, Embery, Joe, and Sills, I’ve seen listed anywhere from 6’2-6’4. You’re saying Sills is Beard’s size (5’11, listed as 6 ft). Are you sure they’re the same size. Now we also have Phillips (Thomas’ size), Chaney 6’8 and active around the basket, and 6’9 in Henderson. If we get Gafford back, and possibly Garland (if he is cleared) then we have another 6’5 guard and a 6’11 C.

Kind of comparison last night’s starting 5 vs next year’s potential starting five: Beard PG 6ft, Macon SG 6’3, Barford 6’3, Thomas 6’7 (listed as 6’8), and Gafford 6’11 vs possibly Embery 6’3 PG, Garland 6’5 SG, Phillips SF 6’7, Henderson PF 6’9, and Gafford 6’11. KY’s length wouldn’t have been as big a difference as it was. It’s one of the reasons I was more excited about next year than this year. Yes, this year we have “SR experience” but next year we have more length, athleticism, and in my opinion talent.

The key to it is Gafford staying .

I absolutely agree. If we lose out, I think it’s a guarantee he comes back. If we win out (all the way to the NC) I think it’s a guarantee he goes. Right now, I think it’s a toss up.

his play the rest of the way is no factor on where will be drafted.

He will be drafted simply on his motor, athletic ability and his potential.

While I think productivity should be a factor in that, it’s not up at the top.

I wrote a column on Daniel and the draft this afternoon and it will be up on Thursday morning

Dudley I hope Gafford comes back next year! It really looks like he will be gone.


Dudley I hope Gafford comes back next year! It really looks like he will be gone.

[/quote] Others are surely in a better position to know his feelings, but I can’t understand why it seems so certain that he will go. Yes, he is projected as a first rounder, but does he enjoy the college experience enough to stick around and improve his stock? Plus is his personal situation where the family financial situation affords him more choices? I wish him well either way.

I thout sills was6’0” but I could be wrong. Taller would help defensively. Chaney will be good according to Dudley and from what I’ve seen on tape. I’ve seen Henderson and joe play. Joe is the real deal.


Enjoy the college experience more than making $2.5 mil/yr? He gone

He’s 6’1, maybe a tad over. I’m 6’0 and have stood right next to him a few times.

Razor, do you know the heights of Desi, Joe, Embery, and Harris? As I said earlier I’ve seen all four listed anywhere from 6’0 - 6’4. I’m also seeing new heights of Phillips (6’5), Chaney (6’5), and Henderson (6’6).

Guess I’m asking are the longer heights exaggerated?

You bring up some good points but those are recurring issues. Where is the accountability and coaching?

Joe and Embrey I think are in the 6’3” to 6’4” range. Phillips I thought was 6’7”. Chaney 6’8”. And Henderson 6’9”. I could be wrong.

Those are all accurate