After sleeping on it…. I am out…

I was here because of Clay…. I do not like how they treated Dudley… and In this economy, you don’t treat people like that…I have enjoyed my time on the board… lots of good, healthy, fun conversations…

I have been with Clay since the first print , Jason Allen … but let me blow your mind who knows the second Cover? It was Darwin Ireland…. Who knows the third cover , Joe Kines being carried off the field at Columbia South Carolina…. Yeah I’ve been with him for a while….I bought my first HI magazines at a grocery store off of Kiehl avenue in Sherwood, when I was in the 6th grade… got a subscription as an early Christmas gift the next week , had one ever since…

It’s honestly been some of the most enjoyable reading of my life… I mean it was Hawgs Illustrated! Never gonna be another… one of my favorite things I recall from the past was a push to get a subscription for Hawgs Illustrated for public schools so the students in Arkansas could experience Razorback sports… like that was just so cool to me….

Y’all take care, and keep calling those Hawgs…


Things change. Part of life. Inevitable. Dramatic posts like this seem unnecessary. But whatever. Take care (but I bet you’ll be back).

I do not see this as a dramatic post! I basically feel the same way. I’m looking around for other alternatives and most likely wait on a change when I hear where Dudley has landed!

Call that drama if you wish, but Clay and Dudley have been the anchors for this form and Hawgs Illustrated.

To me the greatest example of their reporting has occurred during a coach change. Nothing reported until it was fact. No airplane reports.

I retired a couple of years ago and I wish Clay a retirement that he does what. He wants, that defines me today.

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I am sorry If I came off as dramatic…. My key point , not that it’s any of your business, Is that I came here because of Clay …. I mean it’s Clay Henry and Dudley Dawson, sure I’ll pay for that coverage…. Nothing against the remaining staff, but I’m just not as excited any more…

I was honestly saying good bye to everyone on the board… so yeah I’m out… going to handle that business today in fact…

Go Hawgs !

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I’ve always enjoyed your input @citgeauxhog. All the best. You will be missed.


Hawgs Illustrated will continue to be printed. I hope you will stay with us.

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I’m sure I’ll stay because I expect there’ll still be good content & I’ve gotten to “know” so many posters on this board. Disappointed Clay is retiring, but I completely understand it. However, I am mad about the way they treated Dudley. I don’t understand it.


Two guesses re: Dudley, and they’re sorta intertwined.

One, he’s been with the company for 35 years. They think they can get somebody younger/cheaper to do the same job.


They decided Richard and Duds were both doing the same thing and it would be cheaper to keep Richard.

Either way it’s a money deal.

I don’t see ‘being dramatic’ in the least with your personal bit of history. The counter comment was more like ‘grandstanding’. Take care Hog fan, citgeauxhog.

Dudley and Clay mean a lot to me and both have been tremendous in terms of advice and guidance since I’ve known them.

I loved sitting next to Dudley at basketball games and football games. We somehow almost always were placed next to each other and I enjoyed taking in everything with him right there. The last couple of years since the Suns have been good again, we’ve gone back and forth about our NBA teams and what’s going on with them. To me, that kind of thing is special. I’ll never forget, either, writing my story the night Arkansas beat Auburn in February and asking Dudley where the night ranked in terms of environments in BWA so I could attach context to what happened. I was spoiled having a great resource like him within arm’s reach.

And Clay helped me out from a professional standpoint when I was in college, way before we worked together. He sent my resume to people who helped strengthen it and I landed my first job not long after. He told me then that he couldn’t offer me a job working for him like I was probably hoping for, but years later he allowed me to contribute to HI, and I’m so grateful for that. The thing I really appreciate is the talk we had once about painting the reader a picture. I try to do that each time I sit down to write now.

I do hope that those who are weighing their subscription options will stick with us. Matt, myself and everyone else here is dedicated to bringing the site and board unique content that interests each one of you. You guys drive us to bring it every time we write or record a podcast and everything in-between. Truly.


Scottie, you’ve had some great mentors. And you are doing them proud. You writing skills are terrific and personally I love hearing about your heart for the kids you took in. I’ll stay right here.

And let’s remember Clay will be adding content from time to time.


Yes. I’m glad of that. But I’m still p.o.'d about Dudley. Jeff’s guesses as to the reasons seem likely to me, but I still don’t like it. That’s why I hate corporate America. No humanity.


I know these are tough times for media outlets and tough decisions have to be made but I am not sure that is the case here. The UofA is at a pinnacle in athletic success and successful teams mean more subscribers. So they are making more money now and a big part of the payroll, Clay, just dropped off. So their profit margin should be shooting up. I would like to hear Dudley’s side of this situation. Less Clay and no Dudley means a huge drop in quality product being produced. I don’t care about podcasts so that is not a bonus. A lot of us are going to have to make some tough decisions and we may be letting the management see how they like it when they are the ones being dumped.

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I am really glad to hear it. Thank you.

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I don’t think that group gives a rat’s arse what we think!!

It seems like the end of an era.


And how soon will it be before we see more “money deals” from management at the AR Democrat/Gaz without Clay as a buffer, as he was when he worked out a deal for we members to retain our existing annual fee rate after the merger?

Two nephews graduated from TX A&M. When the younger one graduated several years ago I sent him a graduation gift of a one year subscription to HI. :sweat_smile: He always passed it on to a friend who was hog fan…he probably read it but never admitted to it.

I appreciate the content Matt, Scottie, Richard and others bring to the board. They are all talented! I will miss the content from Clay and DD. Clay deserves to retire and I bet DD is negotiating a new deal as we speak.

I learned a long time ago that threatening to leave or actually leaving usually matters very little to the bean counters/management. Sure, your boss might wish you were leaving but “upper management” seldom gives a rat’s ars.

Finally, a spark of sanity. We all miss those who no longer post and many wish some who do post would not. There is a talented crew on board to continue I look forward to the professionalism of paid staff and will largely continue to ignore opinion posts.

Go Hogs!

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