After more than 50 years, record set by former Razorback is eclipsed

Iowa State RB Breece Hall rushes for a TD in his 24th consecutive game, breaking Bill Burnett’s mark of 23 straight set in the Hog Heyday of the late 60s.

CBS’s Adam Zucker mentioned Burnett’s name, and that he was from Arkansas, during the Iowa State game.

A record that stood for over 50 years—-very impressive. I’ll be honest that I didn’t know he held the record. I did know that, for many years, Burnett held the single season TD record of 20, set in 1969. But that was in the era of 10 regular season games, and Bowl games did not count. So that was eclipsed some time ago.

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It was mentioned briefly during the Missouri game broadcast. On first watch live I just caught Bill’s name but rewound to get the details when re-watching it today. Bill is one of my favorite Hogs, but still surprised his record stood for that long. May not have been the first but he was one of the best that I remember at leaping over the line into the endzone. It’s sad that the younger set will never experience how good Bill was.

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Burnett still has a share of the school record with those 20 TDs. Alex Collins tied it in the Liberty Bowl season.

I am shocked to realize it was 50 years ago when he was a hog. Seems like yesterday.

I saw Iowa State promoting that a few weeks ago and looked into it. Burnett’s record was broken in 2002.

Amazing it lasted that long, with the expansion of the number of games in a season, as I mentioned in the OP.

A great running back. Rather small, but nearly impossible to get a direct hit. I thought his brother, Bobby, was probably better. Good run in NFL with Broncos. One of those real Razorback families!

As kids we’d pretend to be Bill and dive over the goal line for touchdowns. A Razorback legend.


Same here LD. That’s what I remember about Bill Burnett….diving over the line into the end zone.

Actually, Bobby only played one season - his last - with the Broncos. His first 3 seasons were with the Buffalo Bills, who drafted him out of Arkansas. Bobby was the AFL “Rookie of the year” in 1966 with Buffalo. But he hurt a knee shortly thereafter and was never the same…as was pretty much true with anyone who injured their knee in that era. Ten years later, he might have had reconstruction and played a few more seasons, as most do today.

In fact, the Bills drafted not only Bobby, but also Jim Lindsey (who signed with the Minnesota Vikings and played there several seasons) and Split End (now referred to as WR) Bobby Crockett…the Hogs were pretty much “one stop shopping” for Buffalo that draft.

Burnett was great. A small but effective RB. He held the record for most career rushing TD’s for quite a while. But, yeah, that was back during 10 game seasons and bowls that didn’t count in the records. (And Burnett was out with a shoulder injury through most of the 1970 season.)

Burnett is listed as playing in all 11 games in '70 (remember we turned down bowl bids at 9-2 that year), but his carries were cut in half. Still scored 12 TDs though.

I’m almost positive he did not play in all 11 games that year even if he is listed as playing. I don’t remember the game where he injured his shoulder (broken collar bone as I recall), but I am pretty certain he was out for several games before he came back hobbled for the Texas game in Austin on Dec 5. That was supposed to be our revenge game for the Big Shootout, but we trailed 14-7 at half. Burnett couldn’t score at the goal line just before half–wearing supersized shoulder pads–and we went into the half with no momentum. UT dominated us in the second half. We lost 42-7. (We also lost the first game that year to Stanford 34-28, getting stopped on an option inside the five on a late 4th down play.)

Burnett got stopped at the goal line at the end against Stanford. He had a miss-me move that was very effective at the goal line, but two Thunderchicken linebackers hit him at once before he could make that move.

According to UA’s media guide, BB rushed 110 times for 445 yards in 1970 with 12 TDs.

These numbers were about half the amounts in the previous two seasons.

One of us has a bad memory, Jeff. I have a strong recollection of Bill Montgomery getting stopped on an option play to the left to come up short of the first down (and/or goal line) in that game. It’s possible he pitched to Burnett & Burnett was the one who was tackled, but I can see that play in my mind’s eye.

You might be remembering one play earlier when Burnett was stopped for no gain.

Looks like we’re both right. Dan Jenkins was in the box at WMS that afternoon and wrote this. Burnett on third down, Montgomery on fourth.

Unless it happened very recently, Bill Burnett is still living. Brothers Bobby and Tommy are both deceased.

I believe that it was Bill Montgomery, and not Bill Burnett that was denied the goal line by Jeff Siemon (sp?) the Stanford linebacker who went on to play in the NFL for a number of years. I was at that game and will forever remember hearing the P.A. announcner saying, “Jim PLUN-kett passing com-PLETE to Randy Va-TA-HAH…” Seems as though he said it about ten times in that game.

With regard to Bill Burnett’s 1970 senior season, he was injured against A&M in what would have been the sixth or seventh game of the season. I don’t recall that he played again until game 11 in Austin. Burnett entered the game with us trailing 14-7 and failed to score on fourth down at the Texas one-yard line. Texas then proceeded to march 99 yards down the field for their third score. We were never in the game after that point and wound up losing 42-7.

I attended both our losses that year: Game 1 vs. Stanford and Game 11: vs Texas. Fortunately, I got to see an lot of victories in between.

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I did not realize that Bill was no longer with us. When did he pass?