After luncheon today I am drinking the koolaid

Said I wasnt going to do it $)(:-#%#!

Oh well WPS!

Wonder how team will honor JFB?
Helmet sticker?

Okay, it’s after lunch–It’s gonna be a great year for the Hogs this year!!! WPS!!

Hey, we are fans. That is what we do. Without hope, there is nothing. Yet, I am still from MO on this one this year. Can’t get the taste out from last year yet. I want to see what they do with TCU and A&M before I get to much into this.

Last year going into the FL game I was very pessimistic going into the FL game and it turned out to be one of the few games they even played. Perhaps if I stay that way about this season, it will turn out like the FL game. That is fans for you. We are strange animals.

For the second time in two weeks, I watched the 2016 season in 60 minutes on SEC Network, aired this morning. I couldn’t help but notice again how we blew out several teams in the early part of the game, only to let them creep back in in the second half, resulting in three losses (A&M, Missouri and Va Tech). We were manhandled by LSU, Alabama and Auburn, and you could argue, by A&M in the second half given the final score. But, we looked so good on offense early that I’m convinced that we can do it again. But, our defense has to live up the hype that we are hearing pre-season and the coaches can’t afford to let the team sit on a lead–we have to continue to be aggressive, until as Coach Fulmer once said, "The clock says 0:00. Go Hogs! Take care of the Rattlers first.

Fatigue due to lack of depth took its toll on us in the 2nd half at times mightily. WPS