After I become a Billionaire tonight

What should I buy first?

A couple of 5 star DLinemen for the football team!


First, its gonna be me, but, anyway…

I’m building my dream house, also buying a lake house in NWA. Giving enough to the Razorback foundation to get very good seats for football, basketball and baseball.

Putting most of it in savings though!

One good thing about being older. No need for personal long term finacial worries.

I would get a cabin in some mountains however. And sit in a rocker on the porch.


Let’s see. I’d buy a beach house here and a house on Beaver Lake. Set up a trust fund for SF Jr. Join some golf clubs in both places and probably a couple more. And call Hunter Yurachek and tell him I’m endowing men’s soccer and whatever women’s sport he wants to add along with it for Title IX compliance and dare him to turn that down.

BTW, if you take the cash on the barrelhead option, you get about $747 million gross; the IRS will knock that down to about $470 million, and Arkansas and most other states get their cut too.

NC does online lottery sales so I got mine.

I’m in SC right now. Since my home is in MO, I think I have to pay both, but not sure, but the beach house does sound good

If your residence is still in MO you’d pay the lump sum taxes there. If you moved to SC and took the 30-year annuity you’d have to pay it there. Don’t think you’d have to pay both unless you somehow are a legal resident of both.

Refs. Several.


Four 5-star DL!!

A vacation getaway in Colorado close to Telluride. Remodeling the cabin in Erbie. Razorback basketball tickets!! Man, are they going to be fun to watch this year. Not perfect. Times of frustration for sure with freshman. But absolutely fun!

Oh and more sod for my house in Fayetteville. Wouldn’t change a thing about this place.

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You will need a good financial advisor


You said a “good” advisor. He ain’t that. I wouldn’t trust him to buy a no-load index fund for me,

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

eek eek

If it were me that won, I would use it to pay off my debts, as far as it would go.


Me a present. My birthday is Aug 10th.

Oh well. I guess we won’t have a men’s soccer program for a while longer.

Very true