After hearing

some late news last night, I’m convinced Andrew Parker will sign with Texas. No surprise, but was thinking there might be an outside chance.

“IF” they were to strike out on Parker, Moody and Brule, do they have a backup plan for any other LBs or would they wait until next year to bring in more?

He had a Twitter post a couple days ago saying he was going somewhere to play not for depth. If you look at the roster we have more players as LB then Texas but they have all 4-star kids and we have a couple on the list that are walk on’s

Good luck buddy:+1:t2:

Once he took down the Committed to Arkansas stuff Sunday on Twitter, that was a big sing as where things were going with him IMO.

Maybe its just me, but last year at this time the boards were buzzing with news about signing day like the who’s why’s where’s what’s how’s when’s, but this year???nothing. Except about one for 19-20 years class… I’m sure that its be cause of the coaching change…

Early signing period. Half the class was signed in Dec. and the talent pool of possibilities is about 1/3 of what usually is.

Look for Arkansas to sign 3/4 to 4/5 of the 2019 class in Dec. The Feb signing will never have the build up like it use to have.

With how it looks for Parker and Moody, etc, guess it does not like we will be sprinting across the finish line with some late confirmations or flips. It does not seem that is really part of our DNA anyway. Very happy with the young men who have or will sign with us, but as is with human nature, I always hope for some unexpected surprise on Christmas morning!

In all fairness to CCM and staff we shouldn’t set lofty goals that cannot be reached this signing period. He will have his chance down the road to prove himself on the recruiting front as the Hogs coach and then we will have a true feel on what to expect once he fields a team with ‘HIS’ guys. WPS