After Game Surpise

I am pretty sure that I have never seen more players from the opposing team hug a head coach after a defeat that Sam Pittman received from Tennessee offensive linemen last night. There is no way he recruited any of those guys to Tennessee, I don’t think, so it must be from the relationships he built while recruiting from Arkansas and Georgia. I found it really amazing.


I noticed that also… I did some checking… Coach has a strong relationship with the Mays brothers from signing Cade to UGA… also Smith , and Morris Coach Pit recruited them hard … but I agree it was so impressive!

And he still has relationships with Tennessee folks from his time there. No one forgets him.

Tennessee folks came to see him in pre-game warm-ups. Chaney and Pittman were among the first people to come to the field. Chaney walked all the way to the Arkansas end to meet Sam. Generally, that’s not a time Sam is on the field, but it seemed to be a planned meeting. They hugged for a long time. They are like brothers.

Trey Smith hunted down Grant Morgan to shake his hand as did other members of that Georgia offensive line.


It was obvious after the game how many players like CSP & wanted to congratulate him.

With all of the hugging & no masks, hopefully CSP & other coaches & players were not at risk of being exposed to COVID.

That was one tough%^$ defense the Vols faced. Not a defense to face if you don’t have a great QB. Kudo’s to the Hogs and PIttman for the greatest football tournaround I’ve seen.


My wife asked why all those Vols were hugging Sam. She was shocked. I told her that he recruited many of those and they thought highly of them. Speaks volumes for Sam.

Cade May’s#68 was recruited and signed with Georgia so he definitely had a relationship with Pittman but no one dislikes Sam, he is so genuine and sincere that’s why these kids are playing so hard for him

What impressed me most was those hugs were not of a coach but almost a father/son relationship. That may sound crazy. But, you could see the sincerity. I hope every recruit saw that.


I sure am proud of these hogs, our coaches and the state of ARKANSAS!!!

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