After doing my homework,

I think Chad Morris is the best candidate on the board from the remaining ones being mentioned. Deep ties to Texas. He has experience (as an OC) at a big time school: Clemson. He filled up two ENTIRE classes at SMU with Texas recruits. To win at Arkansas, you must recruit Texas. Don’t look at his SMU record. Just look at the turnaround. He took over that program when it was one of the WORST in the country. One more little nugget to prove he can’t only recruit Texas: any guesses on who Deshaun Watson’s lead recruiter was at Clemson? You guessed it. Chad Morris. Watson is from Georgia. He recruited to Clemson before it was THE Clemson it is today. And yes, I know it is easier to recruit to Clemson than Arkansas. I’m just sayin’…

Oh, I’d be happy with Lane Kiffin, too. :smiley:

Those that don’t like his record at SMU need to remember he took over 1-11 dumpster fire where recruits need a 28 on their ACT to get in. Let that sink in for a few minutes. Morris is the only one with existing connections in Texas. I also don’t punish a coach for a bad defense because he may not have had the money to hire a good DC or enough talent. We have the money to hire a GOOD Def Coord to make it work.

I like Morris, but would we always have to be looking over our shoulder worried he would jump to A&M? I guess we could put a huge buyout or block him from taking a job at another SEC school.

With the Aggies dropping 75 mil and going all in on Jimbo, this would not be high on my worry list.

I’d be happy with Morris, Kiffin, Norvell or Venables. I recognize that there are risks with any coach we hire, even a 3x B1G Champ, but any one of these could be the next great Hog coach.

For five years I was told to not focus on the record but instead focus on the Uncommon, Never Yield process and “trust” the wins would come.

Forgive me if I’m skeptical a 14-22 HC will be a winner here. While both will be new to the SEC and will have adjustments to make/learning to do I’d rather have the coach of a team that has beaten SMU 51-7 and 66-45 and that just took 12-0 UCF to double overtime and finished 10-2.

Sure, he walked in to a better sutuation, but Norvell has maximized the opportunity.

I want someone who can recruit Texas. Of course, they have to lock down Arkansas. But the Hogs must get back into Texas. Morris could do that. Maybe someone else can, too.

Same issue we just got out of.

There’s something to a coach who knows what it takes to rebuild. Which is what is required after the Bielema slop.

Norvell scares me because he looks like Bielema 2.0 with a fancy offense. Hasn’t built anything, just got handed a good team in a silver platter and kept them winning.

Look at his roster and two deep . … a lot more of his recruits playing than you might think.

That doesn’t do it for me.

Bret had his players playing for him at Wisconsin and he won.

When you have a winning team, it’s easier to recruit.
When you know what it takes in that specific conference it’s easier to recruit.

I’d expect the recruiting to be higher for Norvell.

My worry is simply that he doesn’t know what it takes to build a program. He has no idea what theSEC is like, and has no experience at a big time program. Arizona St is a far cry from an SEC school.

I don’t think this hire should be taken lightly, and I really don’t think it’s a good idea to get someone who has no idea what it’s like in the SEC or at the highest level of competition.

With Morris, atleast he was at Clemson.

It’s a big risk


There’s 2 coaches mentioned that can recruit Texas. Morris and Venables can recruit Texas and have. You can cherry pick all day on record. You can’t compare Norville’s recruiting ability to either one of these guys. Both have Clemson connections and winning connections. Venables is defensive and Morris is offensive. If Texas recruiting is what we want hire one of these guys. I expect this hire to be right in line with other hard headed decisions. Venables should have been our coach 6 years ago. The John L Smith year should have never happened.
Petrino should have never been hired. The way he failed to show loyalty to his teams and employer prior to coming here should have been a red flag.
There’s no red flags on these 2.
The winning connections tied to Morris and Venables make the hire less risky than hiring Norville.

Richard asked some Texas high school coaches about Norvell and Morris: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12898&p=93632#p93632