After a loss, hope in recruiting

Thanks for all the recruiting updates.

Coming off a loss where opponent O and D lines were so strong and deep, I wonder if we believe we are bringing in what we need.


Sam and staff knew what’s needed to compete well before this game. I would think the men they’re are recruiting will work out just fine, with a few misses I’m sure.

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Lets see what the O-line & D-line looks like in a one or two. Stromberg, Limmer, Latham, Jones, Winkel, Gatlin, Rathcke, Henderson, St John and Curry are freshmen or sophomores. That’s majority of your depth.

Gregory, Williams, Stewart, Nichols, Carter, Jackson, Miller, Boykin & Soli are also freshmen and sophomores. Very young on both sides of the ball.

As far as recruiting, they need to start winning a few years before you get on the list of many of the blue chippers.

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