After a disappointing loss, I always have to back away for a while ------------------

------------------------ from the boards. I can’t stand the posters who never have a good thing to say and who seem to have a feeding frenzy on the board when anything goes wrong. There are some out there that live to tear down and I am not a fan. So forgive me if all of my thoughts have already been hashed to death. I just need to get them out there for my sake.

NCState beat us with five pitchers. Wicklander and Kopps matched and/or exceeded them in talent but, due to injuries and development issues, we did not match up well with their other three pitchers. Several of those five were true freshmen playing much better than our true freshmen.

For most of the season, our hitting compensated well for when our pitchers struggled. Game after game we got behind early and fought back with timely hitting to win. Injuries slowed down and/or knocked out several of our top guys right when we really needed them and our other hitters tried to hard to make up the difference. Over and over, we heard the baseball commentators talking about never having seen a #1 team without outstanding starting pitchers at most of the three games in a series. That deficiency finally got exposed by our late season hitters’ injuries and slumps. I thought Clay’s summary was very well written but I think the contrast between our true freshmen pitchers and NCState’s may be the key factor in our not getting to Omaha.

I think our recruiting of both freshmen and transfers will continue to get better and that DVH is building a dynasty on the Hill and will get his CWS trophy in the very near future. Go Hogs.


The most dissapointing thing to me is how we couldn’t hit their starter in Game 3.He came in with a 4.97 ERA and had been Hammered by numerous ACC teams and I mean Hammered! several 4-5 inning games where he gave up 7-8 hits 5-6 runs and we couldn’t touch him,he just kept throwing that slow CB and we never adjusted to it. I couldn’t believe he kept getting us out but he did long enough for them to get those 2 LH in the game and we had problems with LH pitching all yr.I just thought we would hit him hard like other ACC teams did but we didn’t and why we are home watching CWS…very very frustrated by that.

Despite our sporadic pitching & hitting & reliance on so many come from behind victories throughout this season, it still felt like it was our destiny to play in the CWS & perhaps a baseball national championship. Unfortunate that we had several key injuries & bad timing for our slump, not to mention NC State peaking late in the season & against the Hogs. Had hoped that the home field advantage in the Super Regional would have been enough to spark our bats & enable us to reach the CWS. Not sure how far this team could have gone in the CWS, but if it is any consolation, it would have been difficult & painful to have lost to ut.

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