After a day to reflect...

I’m very happy with our coaching staff’s first haul. Not even counting the late arrival of our staff or the limited number of scholarships. I just think that we signed a very good class that will help on the field right away.

Safeties! we went from Safety U for decades to Safety desert the past decade. yesterday we signed 2 safeties with good size, excellent speed, and who were both offered by all the programs we want to compete with. Aside from MBrown, they will llikely be our most athletic safeties on campus the day they arrive.

Very fast CB, recruited by SEC schools.

4 DL, all recruited by multiple power 5, and fulwider/Ferris may truly be STUDS

LB: both were recruited by Michigan, TX and others, should both be in our 2 deep immediately

QB: looks like a legit 4 star, home-state kid and and Doug Flutie, grandson of Jerrah, who may open a pipelline to a TX powerhouse hs

RB: looks lke a stud, speed adn power, will compete to start immediatley

WR: tall, fast, I’ve not watched his HUDL

OL: very hard for me to judge OL and predict who will translate to college, but they sure have the size

LWO: punters, WR, safeties, good work here.

What’s not to love about this first class? If you look at the kids we signed, and not at the rankings, then you really have to be happy with these kids. I can’t wait till this football season starts!


We as fans can choose to see the glass half empty, like some other threads on this site, or we can choose to see it half full, like this thread.

Half full glasses make me a lot happier and hopeful for the future than half empty glasses, so I’m throwing my lot with this poster. These guys chose to be Razorbacks, in spite of our 4-8 record last year, and our turmoil. That’s enough for me. I’m going to have high expectations from this group.

The problem with the rankings is they dehumanize the players. A young man becomes a number or a star. I understand the need for them and the accuracy of them in determining which teams will be contenders for the CFP, but they remind me of what’s wrong with fantasy sports. They can be fun to play (and I have played in fantasy leagues before), but soon you start to look at players’ stats more than their personalities. These young men who signed letters of intent yesterday are people. I have nothing bad to say about any of them, including their ratings. They all wanted to be Razorbacks, and that makes them fine with me. I wish all of them great careers at the UA, not so the Hogs will win championships (even though we all hope for that), but so they can become everything they want to be on and off the field.

Good post— love positive thinking and agree totally!!