After 10 games, we know what we are

we are 6-4, and even that is due to AA’s unexpectedly hot start to the season. if he had played all season like he has these last 2 games, we would have lost to La Tech, Ole mrs and TCU. we’d be 3-7. And that’s what we are playing like-a 3-7 team.

  1. OL has definitely played like a 3-7 team. I really made the mistake of assuming any BB coached team would be “ok in the OL”. obviously not the case. year 4, too, ouch! Maybe the biggest disappointment of the season?

  2. Defense has definitely played like a 3-7 team. Maybe an 0-10 team. If OL isn’t the biggest disappointment of the season, then DL is. actually cornerbacks and LB have been better than expected, safeties between all right and horrible, and DL has just not controlled the run or pass or set the edge or anything else. I don’t know if this is all personnel problems, or our coaches need to change or what, but this is (once again) a VERY BAD defense.

  3. ST-punter has been solid all year. place kicking has improved a lot with McFain. we scare NO ONE on KO returns, maybe a little better better on punt returns. Everyone scares us on KO returns. punt coverage last night was very good.

  4. so this is what a team looks like when your best players are WR’s, TE and RB? man, do we need OL. and man, are we going to miss these WR’s and Sprinkle next year

  5. have you ever seen a team with so many seniors and so little “fire in the belly”?! just not much Razorback spirit. really need a Bua on this team. our most spirited players are our QB and Drew Morgan, but that doesn’t help the d much.

  6. Is AA hurt more than they’ve said, is he just finally flinching after the brutal beating? hard time recovering from the injury mentally? Hope he returns to form

  7. look for us to lose at Misstake. 0-Bama, 0-A&M, 0-Missstake is a brutal record

  8. We are the 6-7th best team in the SEC-west. and our current recruiting looks to be 6-7 in the SEC west. Are we ever going to be the team we think we are? Or are we always going to be 4-7 in SEC west and kid ourselves every pre-season, then get rolled up every fall? just very disappointing to be blown out like this