Afraid we may not be NCAA tourney team again

So hope to be wrong.

We so angered the basketball gods that we have gone to like four NCAAs in like 15 years now.

Tell someone who watched '77 to 2000 and they wouldn’t believe it.

Afraid lack of rebounding and D may be more to undersized or more average talent vs some competition.

We seem to give up size and atheicism almost across the board.

I know mike has some nice talent coming which may do the the trick.

Can’t get more talent help here fast enough.

We need mike to somehow find a way to make tournament.

Bush Hog, if this team keeps playing like what I just saw, your dreaming that we make the tournament.

We looked worse against Ole Miss two years ago at BWA to fall to 2-2 against an easier 4 games than this season and then wound up being a #5 seed. A lot of basketball is left to play.

That is true! ghg

Hope you guys are right.

Keeping fingers crossed.

I have never seen a bad defensive team become a good one in the second half of a season.

Something is bad wrong with this team’s approach to defense. Press without pressure. Not committed to forcing turnovers, contesting shots, or rebounding. It is something in between and wholly ineffective. They are adequate only against opponents they physically overmatch. In the SEC, that might be one team.

You’re correct. Unfortunately, I just don’t feel it right now. Thank goodness, nothing rests on the way I feel. I’m willing to wait & see, but a 1-3 start, even if two the losses were to the two best teams in the league, doesn’t bode well. Had we lost to MSU on the road I might have been a bit more sanguine, but losing to a so-so team at home is hard to take, especially when we don’t have a ton of wins to point to.

You are correct of course.

What really struck me about this game was how over matched we appeared in all aspects of the game.

My faith is wavering, however I am enough of a homer to let a good game or two bring me back.

Bobby Portis and Michael Qualls ain’t walking thru that door…

If Arkansas continues to lose games in this stretch they will not have a chance to be in the NCAA Tournament.

The Razorbacks were 9-7 at this point last year and 3-1 in SEC play.

They would then lose 4 of their next 7 and then going on another three-game losing streak and then ripping off 4 wins in five down the stretch and finishing 9-9 in conference play.

After that rollercoaster, I would never definitely state anything

Tennessee is in a panic about their Big Dance opportunity after last night, we just became their worst loss in the eyes of the committee.

I would think that would still be the double digit home loss to Chattanooga, who is 13-4 now with Arkansas 12-4


Making the tournament will be impossible if we continue performing at the same level as we did in our last game. There’s plenty of time to get back on track and perform at a much higher level than we have so far and we need to start by winning in a dominating fashion against Mizzou. Most all our problems arise from lack of good defense wether it be half court,pressing,D on inbound play,we have to find our identity on D or the tournament is a pipe dream.WPS

I feel we should have won at home too, but I’ve watched this young MS ST team a lot this year including the LSU game and knew at our level of play this could happen, MS ST is going to be top 4 or 5 in conference, the bad news for us is if we continue to play 10 to 11 players we will not have what could be a good team using your top 7 or 8 like most do! Make no mistake A&M, South Carolina, Vanderbiult Georgia, Bama, and Auburn can all play with and win against that Arkansas team that played last Tuesday night! Plus we still have rematches against MS ST and Florida and from what i have seen from Missouris last 3 games, they run out of gas only in the last 5 minutes so they cant be overlooked anymore! Better right the ship MA cause this is the best the SEC has been since you came back! Could be a long long season!!!

This issue as I see it isn’t whether Mississippi State has a good team, but rather the fact that the SEC probably isn’t going to get many NCAA Tournament invites and Arkansas has already fallen behind three teams in the conference.

Not saying you cant have 11 players playing lots of minutes but I think should develop your top 7 or 8 squad earlier and gradual add players as games and their productions allow and then by now or mid Jan. you might have the coheasion of playing together for mass substituting without stalling your offensive and defensive play! We have players if not in and out with so many others that could have 20 to 30 point games, like Hannahs, Macon, Beard and Barford has shown he can light it up and take over a game like he was known to in 2yrs of jr college! No one can get the hot hand with in and out play and there are nights its there for 2 or 3 of em until the mass substituting brings it all to a stop! I mean we see this every year at this time, never improving while other teams do!

I think how well some of our non-conference opponents do is going to ultimately determine our NCAA chances. I heard Jon Rothestein talking on bo’s show the other day and he was talking about attending the mock bracket selections and what the committee looks for. And one of the biggest things he said they look for is how many teams in the tournament field has your team beat.

If you look at our non-conference…

  • UT-Arlington has a great chance to make the tournament, current favorite to win their conference. And if they keep winning and RPI stays up they could be a team that gets an at-large bid and not even have to win their conference tournament to get in. Lundardi currently has the in “Next 4 out” for at large bid.

  • North Dakota St./Fort Wayne are the two top teams in summit league standings right now, great chance one of them wins the conference tournament and gets an automatic bid.

  • Houston is currently the first team on the “first four” out list on Lunardi’s bracket. They will be in the mix for an at large bid when the season ends.

  • Stephen F. Austin/Sam Houston State we’re picked #1 and #2 in pre-season polls in the Southland conference, however both are 2-2 right now. Both have enough talent to win conference, we’ll see what happens when more games get played.

-Mt. St. Mary’s was on Lunardi’s last bracket of being the team that represented the NEC conference in the tournament. They are currently tied for second in their conference.

If you look at those scenarios and if things go in our favor and say 3 of those situations work out, which I think 2 of them are highly likely. There’s 3 wins against teams in the field right there. Then if we can someone steal a game at South Carolina or Florida, or maybe even get a win against one of these teams in the SEC tournament. It’s possible we could have 4 wins against teams in the field. If we can do that and avoid another bad loss in conference (Missouri). It will be really hard to leave us out, despite not many other SEC being tournament caliber.

agree and keep my hopes up for this reason. but add that we still got to finish in top four of conference. sec will be super lucky to get four in dance. so if we have a few quality wins and finish fifth or worse, the committee has to look at that and think this is a three bid league and we can’t finish better than multiple nontourney teams? that would be a bad look. we can’t finish in conference worse than multiple non tourney teams, maybe one tops.