Afraid Gafford Is Gone After This Year

That young man is growing into a bonafide star before our eyes! I see him as a lottery pick this year if he continues to show these chops. Good for him! He’s a joy to watch in a Hog uniform.

He looks like Anthony Davis at Kentucky a few years ago. Doesn’t have the skill level yet but every bit the athlete.

Well, if he does, hope the Celtics use their draft pick for him…

I don’t think we have much to worry about this off-season unless Gafford is content with being a 2nd rounder or potentially undrafted. No mock site has him listed as a prospect in this years draft, and he’s had national exposure at the PK80 with NBA scouts in attendance.

The thing with Gafford is that he’s raw and still learning the game. I believe they said he only started playing basketball in high school. He’s fouled out in nearly every game and some of those offensive moves he does wouldn’t make it at the next level, he’s gotten away with it because he’s been so much taller and longer than the guys that have been defending him. In the NBA every center he goes against is going to have a 7+ wingspan and going to be just as athletic as he is.

This off-season is going to be HUGE for him, once he gets more polished on offense and adds a little more muscle he’ll have a chance to turn himself into a sure fire first rounder whether it be next year or the following year. For right now he just needs to keep learning and working on not picking up so many silly fouls. If he continues at this pace he’ll get some recognition as an All-SEC freshman and probably get put on a pre-season all SEC team going into next year. Definitely exciting to see a big man at Arkansas with this much potential.

If true, I hope he ends up as the number one pick.

#1 will be Bagley from Duke but Gaffords upside will tempt someone. If he continues to grow his game I’d guess no later than mid 1st.

Some GM is going to see that potential & draft him this year if Gafford puts up the same or better stats during conference play. Let’s see what he does against A&M, Kentucky & some of the other top shelf big men in the SEC. I hope he stays a 2nd year, but his ceiling is high because of athleticism & his offense skill is developing.

There’s quite a few Gafford’s in college. Do you watch much basketball? Gafford is really good, but he’s not first round yet. GMs take risk but it’ll be on Bagley

Reggie Chaney has been a machine at Findley Prep and is 100X better Offensively than any PF currently on campus now.

Unfortunately he will be in the lineup as a undersized (5) due to lack of depth.

If there were a occasions where he (at the 4) and (Gafford at the 5) could play together our interior scoring punch would be outstanding.

I believe the young man will come back and will develop before ending up in the DLeague for 3 years. When he is ready I hope he makes the decision for himself?

Good point HuntinHog. I think people forget there are 351 other basketball teams out there, plus overseas teams with good players as well.

One thing that always kinda irritates me about Arkansas fans is that we try to turn every good player we get into a one and done after they have a few good games. Remember last year, people told us Barford and Macon were one and dones. We also tried to turn BJ Young into a one and done. Bobby Portis was considered a one and done by Arkansas fans (although Portis probably could have went early second round).

It’s not hard to find out if someone is one and done. There’s several different mock draft sites that are updated regularly. These sites talk to the NBA scouts/GMs and know who they are looking at. There’s only about 15 or so one and dones a year. Those guys are usually determined before the season even starts. Gafford isn’t listed on any mock draft site at the moment, not even as a second rounder. That’s not to say he can’t get on there before the season ends, but the most likely scenario is him starting to get scouts to notice him this year and in the coming years improve enough for them to start considering him a legit 1st round pick. If the season ended today, he’d most likely go undrafted.