"Advice from outsider on UA football unwelcomeed"

This is the commentary appeared on NWA Democrat-Gazette by Rick Fires. You may or may not get the paper and not have the opportunity to read the article. So I will try to give a summary in my words, hopefully you get the gest of it. Rick says "a person covers the SEC say Arkansas is a mediocre program that can’t possibly do any better than its current coach. Rick disagrees and give valid reasons that we have the potential to be good as we have in the past with good instate players naming a few like McFadden, Matt Jones, Henry, Jarius Wright, etc. - and we could do better if we recruited Texas better. That we do not need to through the towel and join Big 12 as suggested by some and Bob Stoops. We are in a good conference and should take on the challenge of competing in this conference. His last paragraph: “Arkansans know that State’s top college program is in trouble right now and being laughed at or ridiculed by outsiders only strengthens our resolve. We’ll fix our own problems, thank you very much.”
In my view while others are raveling at our difficulties, we should remain more adamant and be motivated to
work hard and find solution to our problems. That may or may not include fundamental changes in coach and football scheme. As I see it, we have a relatively young and talented team. With some patience and support we have a good chance of turning things around. as rick said in so many words: you outsiders butt-out.

Link: <LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.nwaonline.com/news/2017/oct/ … ts-college”>http://www.nwaonline.com/news/2017/oct/29/advice-outsider-ua-football-unwelcomed/?sports-college</LINK_TEXT>

I agree. I hate the notion that this is all we should expect.

We should expect 8-9 wins every year, and the occasional 10 win. We should expect to compete for the west atleast every 5 years. We can, have, and should win, we aren’t playing football like we know we should expect.

There’s been a blanket smothering our expectations in fear of another situation like Bobby Petrino left us in. It’s time to get back to expecting what we as fans deserve!

I dont agree with much you post, other than the passion you have for the program.

However, I think this is right on for expectations. other than competing every 5 years. Caveat that with “Every 5 years that Saban isnt at Alabama”

That’s the main problem, we don’t have to beat them every 5 years, but it sure would be nice to 1 time every 10 years, atleast. I sure want to give them a good game, which we have in the past.

That’s a fair expectation. Coach B has done it before 2014 we lost 14-13. No reason we cant at least make it a game now and again.

Yeahp, that’s one of the times that I was referring to.

It’s possible, and should be expected.