Advantages, disadvantages of two straight vs. teams coming off open dates

Bret Bielema, Hugh Freeze and Gus Malzahn on the Razorbacks’ next two matchups: … e-miss-au/

Yep . . .


But in November we catch Florida after they play Georgia(after our bye), LSU after they play Bama, State after they play Bama, and Missouri after they play Tennessee. So the last third of the schedule looks pretty advantageous for the Hogs.

I was interested to see how teams did after playing Alabama. They actually do better than most think, especially in recent years.

Here are SEC teams’ records when playing another SEC team the week after Alabama. You’ll notice teams are undefeated this year. Ole Miss and Kentucky both won their next game. That is a 10-7 record since 2013; 5-13 record between 2009-12.

2016: 2-0
2015: 3-3
2014: 3-2
2013: 2-2
2012: 1-3
2011: 0-4
2010: 2-4
2009: 2-2