Advantage Hogs to advance

OSU used so many pitchers, I’m not sure the only one out for tomorrow is the starter. I have no idea what Mo St used, but maybe it will be a very tight game between those 2 tomorrow.

Seems like we lost our third game last year and had to win the elimination game. I’d like to avoid a 4th game this year

We used a ton of pitching as well. I’m sure MSU was loving this game!

The Bad Uni Bears used their closer for 4.1 innings. He’s not going to be available in either game tomorrow, I wouldn’t think. But they only threw three guys today.

I’m guessing MSU will start a guy with a 5.24 ERA tomorrow. And Okie Lite looks like a 4.75 ERA starter.

Need a high scoring close game Sunday from OSU and Missouri St to use up their pitching staff.

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I’m sure they were, but they’ll have to use pitchers tomorrow before they get to us.

I guess we start Wiggins. Smith can go an inning or two if we need him. ZV is good to go. Only Morris threw a lot for us tonight. Taylor didn’t last. Tygart can probably throw an inning

OSU used seven tonight. They’re gonna have to try to get through the Bears with what’s left.

Taylor faced nine batters.

Wow. I guess that game has turned to mush in my head. I didn’t think he threw many pitches

Thing is, when it’s elimination, you use anyone you can, including some who wouldn’t normally go in a mid season series

31 pitches to be exact. Out of our 205. That was a 406-pitch game.

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OSU’s relievers threw 23, 29, 13, 13, 18 and 16 pitches. The first 13 was the guy who took the loss; he was first team all-Orphan Eight.

I refuse to count my chickens before they hatch. Just bring on whoever is next hopefully we can take care of them then we’ll advance … Cause Lord knows we don’t have any starting pitching left that we know can count on


It wouldn’t surprise me to see Connor Noland pitch a little tomorrow if he’s needed. Wiggins might start but I wouldn’t be surprised to see McEntire start.

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I don’t think he would but you never say never.

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