Adrio's Flop

Reading Saturday Down South, which typically ignores us, unless they can take a shot, decided to take issue with the referees and Adrio on the technical he drew last night. The comments were equally negative, if not worse. While it appeared that the shove was not of the magnitude to knock him down, it was a shove, which was totally ignored by both the article and the replies. Further, more than one fan said that Adrio has a history of flopping. I haven’t watched as faithfully as usual, but I have missed this. I would appreciate hearing if this is fact or fiction.

Yeah don’t need to quit his day job… I can’t stand flopping.

It was a great acting job, but technically not a flop. He was pushed by two players but just not enough to knock him over. I didn’t read the SDS article on it, but the issue isn’t the potential flopping but the fact that he was pushed. Like it or not, that constitutes a technical foul.

If you put your hands on a player and push them in a dead ball situation it’s pretty cut and dry!
The F-1 on Sills wasn’t mentioned and how many darn times have our hogs been hit in the head with and without a review and no F-1 called. That’s my issue. And as far as SDS goes they are just puppets for Kentucky, LSU and Auburn.

Coach Z sure said it was a bad call.

Technical foul? Yeah. You can’t shove him out of there. Did Adrio embellish it? Absolutely. Dane Bradshaw thought they’d give Florida a T for the push and give Bailey a flop warning. And maybe they did just that.

Just saw Alabama defender make an exaggerated flop versus A&M tonight, I won’t expect Saturdays Down South to chastise the refs or the Bama player.

Bailey’s fall was sold, yes. But it wasn’t sold that much more than a Gator on one of Mason Jones’s charges. The one where Mason ended on his rear at the free-throw line, there was almost no contact.

Not a word will be brought up about Auburn, Alabama, LSU or Kentucky flopping!

Great job AB…at this point in the season, the Sr gives all.

I thought they covered this well on the SEC Now show. Adrio did flop. There is no debate on that. But there was a clear foul when Locke’s fingers somewhat pressed into Bailey. The foul occurred before the flop, so the foul stands. And flop became a non-event.

What surprised me is that it was not treated like a double technical, when the reaction to a technical also ends up in a technical.

As I understand the rules, a first-offense flop gets a warning. Then if Adrio flopped again, for example trying to draw a charge when there was no contact, that would be a technical foul.

However, in reading the actual rule book (Rule 10.3.1.d), I don’t see any provision for a warning. If Adrio were deemed to have faked being fouled completely, he could get a technical foul. But since he was clearly pushed and merely exaggerated his response to the push, that’s not a T under 10.3.1.d.

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