He has lost all his early season confidence…and his amazing hops…

Not much of a basketball player. Some athleticism. No feel for game.

If we loose this game he would be the reason why

He looks like he is playing at about 70% of what his potential is. Don’t see the sense of urgency

We missed out on a guy that went to Oklahoma State he was more skilled

We have Adrio so we need him to play better. He don’t need to see the floor at the same time as Gabe. They looked bad on offense together. Neither one of them could finish at the rim.

Some athleticism? Adrio was the most athletic player on last year’s team and he showed that athleticism early this season. I’d almost guarantee he’s playing with some kind of leg injury. Twice last night, he didn’t have enough hops to get above the rim to dunk right in front of the rim. He’s a high flier, who’s never had a problem dunking with ease. Something’s got to be wrong with his legs.

I agree with another poster that we don’t want Adrio on the floor with Gabe as the only two inside players, especially if he’s injured. Sometimes, that can’t be helped now that he has Chaney playing with Gafford some. When Mike’s got Gabe and Adrio as the only 2 bigs he sure has to make sure Jones is on the court, as he’s our 2nd best rebounder, to Gafford. As Chaney gets more minutes, hopefully he’ll move up to #2 in rebounding.

He is like so many guys we recruit,they are athletes that can’t shoot,He has improved his shooting as long as noone is in his face(FT % is good).
Why IMO until we start recruiting shooters and teach them to play defense we will never be a threat on the national level…


He is like so many guys we recruit, they are athletes that can’t shoot, He has improved his shooting as long as noone is in his face(FT % is good)…

[/quote]It’s not a good model for success. I’m quite befuddled having watched Sutton’s teams while I lived on the Hill.

Wasn’t because they didn’t put enough time on him.

I too tend to believe that he has some type of injury. He was playing well early and I don’t believe his game would take such a significant negative change just like that. :?: :?:


Uggggh. I remember Jimmy Counce, Darrel Walker and several others who couldn’t shoot. Memory fades over time, I suppose.

Thanks Dudley…It’s good to know that our staff tried hard to land him he would have been a great addition but his loss lol not ours because I think he would have done better here than at OSU

counce was from memphis, whitehaven maybe, but he was a scorer in high school. sutton made him the designated defender on his teams. he always had one of those guys, who knew his role, and played it. Charles Ballentine was another i think that had that role. he hit the shot that beat north carolina in pine bluff i think. teammate of dudleys i believe from newport.

nolan also had a couple of guys like that. kid from memphis, forward, can’t recall his name this early in the morning, but also knew his role and stuck to it.

Gabe needs to do the same. period. as far as adrio, something is amiss. i wish someone would ask anderson about it in a press conference. he had one great game this year, and now seems to have fallen down the depth chart. early his shot looked better, and he went up with confidence. you can tell he thinks about it now, instead of letting natural abilities take over. but he is the typical anderson recruit up to now. great athletic ability, a work in progress on offense. qualls was the example, it just hasn’t worked out the same. his hops seem to be gone. i too wonder if he is injured or dealing with something personal. no clue, but right now he’s just not producing.

Yes, Charles was a high school teammate and has been my best friend from the time we met each other in the fourth grade, when I was actually taller and scored more points than he did on our fourth grade team.

I was a three-year starter at point guard and had a front line consisted of an NBA draft pick (Charles Balentine), an NFL player (Theo Young) and a 6-8 center who played in the AIC.

They scored most of the points in the first three quarters and then I got mine in the fourth quarter, mostly via the free throw line when we head and people had to foul me.

We didn’t lose many games, but did go down to West Memphis twice.

We have asked about Adrio in press conferences.

He thinks he has lost some confidence in his offensive game and it is seeping into his defense and effort.