Adrio Bailey's role

Being the most experienced player on the team I’m sure the coaches would like to see him start and get major minutes this year, but I think ideally he would move to small forward. He has been playing as an undersized power forward, but Reggie Chaney looks to be perfect to come in and take over that position.

At the same time, some of the other small forward candidates are out of action. Jordan Phillips looks to be out until after the season starts and Khalil Garland may never be able to play. I really hope that Adrio has improved his ball handling and shooting because I think the team will be at its best if he can start alongside Reggie and Daniel.

I think a 3 Guard lineup is more likely with Adrio comtiueing to come off the bench at the 3 and 4. He may lose 4 minutes to Gabe.

Comments- I Iike to think Bailey had been practicing playing the 3position this summer as opposed to the 4 spot. Remember he was recruited to replace Qualls. The biggest contributing factor to his struggles at times last season is his height and size, in a super sized talented pool within the conference. If he becomes a difference maker it will be at the 3spot