Adonis Otey flips from Arkansas to USC (story)... … ansas-usc/

Pretty much felt it was going this way. All in all we have a very solid DB class coming in so we will be fine. Good luck to him on the West Coast.

That is 1 free schollie and possibly 2 if we don’t get Russell. My guess is we will see CCM and staff at their best and watch them go to work to bring in the 2 best transfers that can fill immediate needs for this team for next year. Lord knows there is a TON of them in the portal at this time just waiting until after today for things to sort out.

We didn’t need the baggage! I hope he enjoys the west coast. We need LBer’s !

This is on his parents. And this is why you shake your head at some of the kids of today.

My mom would’ve kicked my butt.

Good luck Adonis,
We are solid at that position. Move on to other needs. I’m sure CCM & Staff have plans B & C well in the works.

My take on this is that if he is more comfortable with that
culture, we are better off without his presence.