Adnan Virk Fired by ESPN


Adnan Virk fired, escorted out in leak investigation

Wow, that’s not good for your resume.

Getting fired by ESPN will probably get him a raise at another station…

Maybe, but how can you trust him?

Seem like a nice guy, but you can’t do that and expect to survive at any company.

Next stop Wikileaks???

Follow up story - predictably (these days), he plans to sue ESPN. … -mlb-leak/

I don’t know any details…but who is to say ESPN are not the bad guys here. :sunglasses:

Probably going to come down to what Virks contract states, whether the firing was justified or he should have been just reprimanded for 1st offense.
ESPN may not care what ithe contract says anyway and will take their chances in court. Not like it will break them.

Agree. He might of been trying to expose some wrong doing.

The leaked info so far involves items suggesting ESPN’s future commitment to MLB might be reduced. So at this point sounds more like blabbing about highly sensitive future business planning than whistleblowing.

They of course have never nor will they ever report leaked information to them… “Sources tell ESPN…“

Half the population doesn’t trust anyone at ESPN…

I get that. If you revealed sensitive info about your company, I bet you would have a tough time getting another job. Just a fact.

There’s very few news sources I trust! ESPN isn’t one of them. They pump up the corrupt coaches in college basketball.
A story aired about Kentucky when Cal was hired about how he went in and told players currently on the team that he don’t have a spot for them. They showed how little he cared for those players look at how they pump him up now. Wow how things can change. Integrity and loyalty are only words in this country they aren’t held in the highest regard by very many anymore. That’s the shame that exist in our society.

Sounds like ESPN and Virk are the perfect couple… two drunks throwing up on one another.

Do you use sources Richard?

I wonder if anyone at ESPN is investigating who leaked that Adnan had been fired?

I’m betting that he (Virk) got the word out pretty quickly.

Per Jim Miller, the world’s foremost ESPN expert and writer of Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN, do not believe he was the leak of his firing. Andrew Marchand and Richard Deitsch also feel the same. … virk-espn/