Admittedly it's early, but looking like Mike Neighbors

was a fantastic hire.

A much-needed infusion of talent in a single “transfer class” … and just landing an elite commit (I know, not binding). Looks like he may very well rebuild our program as fast (if not faster) than he did at Washington.

While I’m at it, seems a number of our ladies programs (especially golf, softball, soccer, now basketball … and yes, T&F) seem to be in very good hands. I realize women’s sports aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there are many victories to enjoy on that side of the athletic department while waiting for CM to rebuild the football program.

Looking for some genius to proclaim that Neighbors should coach the men’s team. It might sound ridiculous, but someone suggested that when Jimmy Dykes was there.

Someone needs to post the over/under for that one :smiley:

Maybe I’m imaging this, but I seem to remember years ago, women’s games being scheduled to precede men’s non-conference games occasionally. If not, it sure seems like that would be great exposure for the women’s program to fans of the men’s BB program. Since I live in Central Arkansas, I’m not apt to travel to Fayetteville just to see a ladies basketball game. But I’d certainly consider leaving a couple hours early and catching the women’s basketball game before the men’s game starts.

I think that is viewed as offensive, implying that the women’s program is no better than an opening act for the men. In any event, the SEC schedules women’s conference games on Thursday and Sunday, so there are no opportunities for a doubleheader once league play starts.

I see you responded while I was editing my post, as somehow I missed half a sentence. Anyway, my final post stated non-conference games. I don’t know why it would be considered offensive if they could play a game or two a year in front of thousands more Razorback fans. That, along with winning could help increase their fan base. Shoot, the men’s team might pick up a few of the Lady Razorback fans.

You have a valid point. I hold season tickets for both the Hogs and UALR. It seems to work for UALR.

That is going to happen Sunday. The women play Arizona State (a really good program) shortly after the Arkansas-Indiana men’s game.

Mike Neighbors reminds me of Dave Van Horn. I’m not talking personalities because their personalities are much different, but in that both clearly want to be at Arkansas and both clearly know how to build a program. I think Neighbors is going to win a lot of games at Arkansas, maybe more than Gary Blair. Because of his age and desire to be here, he may win a lot more than Blair did.

Matt you made a real important statement.
Both Neifgbors and Van Horn want to be here and both know how to build a program. Having coaches that want to have a job not just want to use the job to get another job will maintain a foundation over a longer period of time! Of course the wins need to come in order to support their longevity.